Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 2 Okayama GT 300km

The third round of the Super GT season starts this weekend and I needed to hurry and write about the second round that was back in April so that I can be all caught up on the action.  Lots of Race Queen goodness has come out and I can only expect more of the same but pictures of the cars are still somewhat still limited though. The second round was held at Okayama International Circuit and was not as violent crash wise as the first round.

With the huge crash from the first event it was good to see both of the wrecked HSV-010 cars back out in race form read to do battle again.  And this time they didn't crash and go boom in fact one of them was able to clinch 1st place for a solid win for the new cars.  The entire finishing grid was different save for the GT300 MOLA Z who was able to clinch a win in the second round.

To be honest there wasn't much of anything really interesting like the first race and the GT500 class ended up with the Weider HSV-010 in first followed by two Toyota SC430.  Zent came in second and third went to Petronas - TOM'S.  The winner from the first round the Keihin GT-R finished in 7th place.

On the GT300 side of things the MOLA Z who came in 2nd in the first race was able to do one better and clinch the 1st place win.  2nd place went to the Apple Shiden prototype race and 3rd place was the other Z car from Hasemi Sport Tomica who downgraded from last years GT500 GT-R to one of the only other Z cars running in the GT300 class. What I thought interesting in this race is that JLOC who really had a bad time last year is doing really well this year so far.  Running two Gallardos this year they have finished both times in the middle of the pack with a good showing in this race with a 4th place finish.

How is my favorite team in GT300 doing?  The Hatsune Miku Porsche 911 GT3 RSR again did a very respectable job in this race with a 10th place finish and I can only hope that they keep finishing higher up the ladder every time.  

I'm definitely looking forward to the third race this weekend at the Fuji GT 400km maybe we'll see some other cars at the podium again and I'm still thinking Goodsmile  will be out of this race for testing of their new car.  It's either this race or the next one that they are dropping out of and I can't remember at the moment.

Here is an 11 minute re-cap of the race like last time.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Porsche's Green Racer hits the Green Hell

Found a video of Porsche's new green racer the 911 GT3 R Hybrid hitting the Nürburgring piloted by Williams F1 pilot Nico Hülkenberg in a practice for the third round of the VLN race series which is the lead into the full Nürburgring 24hr race in May.  So you had a "green" car driven by a green (his nickname is the HULK..get it) on the Green Hell.  Definitely makes for a an awesome video.The Hybrid 911 GT3 R is definitely a unique car concept that is using a KERS system to power two small motors one for each of the rear wheels for a NOS like instant 160+ hp power boost for several seconds.  This was the same system that was banned by F1.

So why is the Williams F1 driver Hülkenberg driving the Porsche?  Could be because Williams owns a very large portion of the company that is developing the KERS flywheel system and is looking to help their F1 budget by selling the technology to other companies for uses in civilian transports and windmill power generators as well as other racing applications.  All I know is that it's an interesting concept and it's great that Porsche is trying something different.

Here's the video of the run.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Walter Röhrl dropping out of Nurburgring 24 hours

I has a sad, one of my all time favorite drivers who was set to return to racing in a "Stock"  2010 Porsche 911 GT3RS during this years 24hrs at the Nürburgring has dropped out. Ounce I had found out that the Master was returning to professional racing one last time I had to blog about it which I did on my other blog and now I read today that he has dropped out.

I found out that the stock 911 GT3RS isn't entirely just stock like I had thought it was when the original news came out.  Instead the car will have racing slicks, a roll cage, different electronics and different springs. That wasn't really a big deal for me however finding out that Walter Röhrl was having to drop out was the rougher news as I really wanted to see what he would be capable of doing.  No reason was given from Porsche as to why he dropped out but Axis of Oversteer is suggesting that the cause is his old age catching up with him.  Time waits for no one and not even the Master can out drive time.  I'm sure this doesn't mean he's hanging up his helmet anytime soon though. Recently I found that the cause may also be due to back pain from a previous injury. 

Here's a video of Walter testing the car in the wet:

IMS Spring Drive

Spring is in the air and the itch to get out and go for a fun drive has hit. So this Sunday Idaho Motorsports organized a forum wide fun run up the Lowman Loop which is a long winding Mountain road.  It's one of Idaho's better scenic long drives.  The plan was to leave a local meeting place at 11am and head out.  Lots of people showed up but like usual it took just a bit longer to get going.

Took some pictures at the meetup area and probably blinded some guy passing by with the whitest ass crack view ever when I was taking a shot of a car.  The group didn't leave until about 11:30 after a short driver's meeting to warn everyone that there was absolutely no racing or shenanigans going to happen. With that everyone piled into their cars for the long drive up the Mountain.

Of course our little drive was cut very short when the roommate's RX8 decided to lose an Apex seal or two which left us broken down on the side of the road only 5 miles into the drive.  Some friends stopped to help and while we didn't know at the time that it was a blown Apex Seal we sent them on their way so we could limp back home after the car cooled down.  After we found out it was a blown Apex Seal he started to hike back to the city to find a place with cell reception so we cold call a wrecker.  After a bit of walking we discovered that it wouldn't happen any time soon and started hitch hike our way into town.  Lucky us it didn't take to long before someone stopped to help us out and took us into town.

With the RX8 back home the roommate was moving his second vehicle the Subaru and it decided to die as well.  So we checked some things took out the starter had it checked (it seemed like the starter was gone) but the starter passed it's test so now we're back to square one on trying to figure that one out.

I'm a bit sunburned but I did get some pictures that you can check out here --> flickr

I heard the rest of the drive was great and even had a bit of a Cannonball run at the end.  Lucky Bastards

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Red Devil on the Green Hell

Looks like Ferrari just threw down the gauntlet with a sub 7 minute lap of the Green Hell in their 599XX which makes it the fastest "production-derived sports car." For the moment.  Getting the fastest time on the Nürburgring is like winning the lottery to car manufacturers and every one is out there day and night trying to claim their 15 minutes of fame for being the fastest car around the 12.8 mile Nordschleife circuit.

Ferrari's 599XX is the newest track toy for those who want the fastest and best Ferrari for the track and the Ferrari used for the challenge was piloted by Raffaele De Simone who turned in a time of 6min 58sec.  This time was better than just about everything save for the full on race cars and that is pretty damn impressive.  I looked through the records and couldn't find a time for the FXX so I really am curious now to know what the FXX would be able to run and if it would be faster or slower than the 599XX.

You can find all the times on this WIKI page which lists the 599XX in the non-series/road legal vehicles which I think is wrong to begin with but that's their thing not mine.

You can read more on which also has Ferrari's Press Release as well.  I also snagged the picture from WCF as well.  

Here's the video of the lap.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Driver

So what could easily be a better Fast and Furious?  How about a CGI Fast and Furious?  Well actually it's called The Driver and it's an upcoming Animated TV series that will be out some time (Summer?) some where in 2011.  This is so new there isn't any real information out there other than the awesome trailer.

And the trailer is epic, which hopefully means that the series will indeed be epic as well.  It's a good start anyways with the very accurately detailed cars.  The car chase with little cameos of cool cars all over the place and a bit of an interesting twist with the shadowy photographer with a very long lens.  As a photographer myself I have to be a little thrilled at the idea that the good guy is a crazy photographer.

It definitely has me interested in checking it out that's for sure.  You can find their official page here and their facebook page here

Here's the trailer:

RQ Team: ZENT Sweeties

The second Race Queen Friday feature is on the lovely ZENT Sweeties which is one of the more famous of  the Race Queen teams and for good reason. You'll  usually find the cutest of the cute Race Queens in the ZENT Sweeties troop and this year isn't any exception.  Although I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of the new ZENT Sweeties outfit as much as their older ones.  The fake fur thing....mmmm I just don't know.

One of the reasons I think the ZENT Sweeties are a bit bigger than the other Race Queen teams is because they have a better marketing strategy with official web pages and merchandise. 

Their official page ZENT Sweeties is pretty large with information on the ladies past and present, galleries galore with mid-quality images and just a large assortment of good stuff.  ZENT Sweeties is one of the bigger groups with 6 ladies doing Race Queen duties this year.  They are as follows: Chika Tono (遠野千夏), Yukari Amano (天野由加里), Konomi Kimura (木村好珠), Marina Satake (佐竹茉里奈), Rumi Hanai (花井瑠美) and Momoka Narushima (成島桃香). Something I just found out recently is that 4 of the  ladies support the GT500 Zent Toyota/Lexus SC430 and the two support the GT300 Zent Porsche.  I didn't know that until the GT300 car showed up in the third round. 

So yeah about their new outfit.  That fake fur overcoat thing is just weird but I guess it's different enough to be interesting.  I like that their hats got smaller and that they went to some seriously short shorts.  Although I'm sure the up-skirters are not happy one bit about that.  I can't wait to see more of them in action during the year. Another little update is that the Fur overcoat is gone and seems like it was only a cold weather add on.  Now the ladies are sporting a frilly corset like top.  Very nice. 

Wow I never added pictures to these early teams so I guess I should probably do that now:
Momoka Narushima has done shots for RQ-star -- Race Queen, Swimsuit, Office Lady and Private Dress
Rumi Hanai has done shots for Top Queen -- RQ1 and RQ2
Yukari Amano has done shots for RQ-star -- Race Queen, Swimsuit, Office Lady and Private Dress
Looks like linking to the RQ-star sets was a bad idea because all the links have been taken down. Oh well.

On the non pro-side you can find all the girls in their uniforms.
Ponpon blog:  RQ1
Motor & Cos blog:  RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
That Dude's Blog:  RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
KurumaerabiRQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7, RQ8, RQ9 and RQa
Car @niftyRQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4

Best History Lesson Ever:

The whole 2010 ZENT Sweeties troop in the new outfits:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 1 Suzuka GT 300km

Because I started this blog two races into the season I'll have to catch up real quick before the third race on May 2.   I downloaded the entire race but I haven't watched it yet (it's three hours long when do I have the time)  but thanks to a wonderful YouTuber I don't really have to since he uploads an 11 minute re-cap of the race that does a pretty good job of hitting all the important parts.  But really what can I cover that hasn't been covered already back in March.
The first round of the 2010 Super GT was an interesting one thanks to the little bit of rain that fell before the race started making the track a very slippery affair.  That slippery affair caused a rather large bash up of cars when they started sliding off off the track during the first lap leaving the field changed up abruptly.  It even caught up my favorite car the Racing Miku Porsche 911 of Goodsmile Racing.  Several cars ended up sliding off course thanks to the rain but that wasn't the biggest crash of the event.

That came later in lap 11  when two of the Honda replacement HSV-010 cars decided to crash into a wall taking them out of the race and setting the crash barrier a blaze.  Not a very good start for the NSX replacement.

Coming across the finish line in the GT500 class was the HIS ADVAN KONDO GT-R  who raced it's way from the back of the pack in 10th place up to 1st thanks to the slide offs and dust ups of the other GT500 cars and they also used a no tire change pit strategy to gain some extra time on the competition.  Second place went to the ENEOS SC430 and the Raybrig HSV-010 got the new NSX replacement their first podium finish with a third place finish.

In the GT300 class it was the M7 MUTIARA MOTORS AMEMIYA SGC7 that came in 1st even after finding it's way off course earlier in the race.  They were able to fight their way back up to first also using a no tire change pit strategy.  This is the last year of the last Mazda RX7 before it goes out to pasture in a motorsports museum so it's good to see it Claiming another victory and hopefully they'll be able to pick up a few more along the way.  Coming in second was the Up Start MOLA Z the last of the 350Z cars followed by the WedsSport Lexus IS350.

Of course while my favorite car didn't find it's way to the podium this time the Racing Miku Porsche 911 of Goodsmile Racing did a good job of finishing in 12th place and while that doesn't sound all that great for Goodsmile Racing that was their best finish to date.  

Here is the 11 minute re-cap of the race for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 18, 2010 Autocross

Sunday was a lovely day and a great day for Autocross with a clear sky and cool breeze.  Actually had to break out the mobile shade umbrella to keep the sun off my back during my time out there filming.  This was the third event of the year and again there was a very large turn out of cars and drivers with 87 cars entered for the event. The event was held out at the Idaho Center in Nampa, ID which meant I could set up shop off course to catch all the action of the day.
There always seems to be something new and interesting at every event and this one was no exceptions as a RHD Nissan Silvia showed up and ran in the morning session.  I just wanted to scream "Look Silvia's can do something other than hardpark and drift."  The passenger always looked like she was having a good time.  The Skyline didn't show back up but the folks who had the accident last time where already back in the saddle with a rough looking Acura Integra.  While that was it for new cars some drivers showed up with new parts added to their car.  Both regular Lancer EVO Xs  were out with new colored rims and one of them was in one of my all time favorite color schemes rocking cone orange rims with the dark gray colored car.  Unfortanetly his rear diff decided it had had enough and let go in the afternoon session.  

The course this time was a really well thought out course that offered twisties for the Miata crowd and fast sections that let the high horsepower cars stretch their legs a bit.  At the Idaho Center there is a drainage culvert that runs the length of the parking lot where the event is held and is basically unavoidable.   The layouts of the courses usually allow for an easy entry and exist of the culvert section however on Sunday for one unlucky EVO the culvert jumped out and took off the lower CF lip of the EVO.  A bit of duck tape patching and he was back out there, wonder if he'll be rocking the JDM drifter ziptie look at the next event.

One of the things about the event is that there is beginning to be a large turn out of spectators and while usually there isn't anything interesting of note in the spectator section occasionally something interesting happens.  At this event some OG Honda Accord with huge DUBS and crappy suspension was checking out the scene and I had to laugh at the car because every time it hit the culvert the car of course had a serious case of the Honda Bounce that would make a Cheerleader's bed proud.  But that wasn't the worst no some punk in a Honda Civic thought he was all bad ass and when he was leaving he was I think trying to spin some cookies or something but only made himself look like an idiot in the process.  I was going to take a picture of him to post it up as douchebag of the day but it just wasn't really worth my time.

With that the day was done and over with sooner than expected and we were back at home and in much need of a nap. With that another Autocross event was done but my job was far from over because I needed up edit and post the pictures and videos that I took.  You can find both links below. 

Videos--> YouTube
Pictures--> Flickr

I really wish the Silvia was out there for more than just the morning session so I would have more than just this one video of it.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

RQ Team: Goodsmile Racing

I thought what I'd do for a fun little weekend post was feature one of the Super GT Race Queen teams since there a good number of them it'll take up a good portion of the Saturdays before the races and gives the readers a few extra bits of eye candy and really who doesn't mind a bit of eye candy every now and then.  And since I'm a huge fan of Goodsmile Racing with Cox I think I'll start there first.
I'll try to post as many pictures and videos as I can along with whatever information I can find  and I definitely wouldn't mind if others shared their finds as well.  As for the first outing  it's Team Goodsmile Racing, there are three young ladies not including Racing Miku who is a seperate part.  Team Goodsmile Racing Race Queens have their official page here --> Goodsmile Racing Race Queens It's a bit hard to translate who the girls are but I believe it's Saki Tachibana (立花サキ) as Miku 01, Ayami as Miku 02 and Sawa Sawa(小越しほみ), which at the moment I can't translate correctly, as Miku 03.

Right now you can find Team Good Smile Racing in their cold weather gear at the Second round of  the Super GT on the following posts at Scanlover forum (you'll need to be signed in to see them most likely)
post 1 post 2 post 3 post 4
Also while I was looking for the ladies' names I found this blog link that has a few pictures of the Race Queens at the bottom of the page.  In any case I haven't seen in videos of these ladies yet so I have a few more pictures from the Good Smile Racing blog.

[UPDATES] June 29, 2010
RQ-Star -- Saki Tachibana: Race Queen, Swimsuit 1, Swimsuit 2, Office Lady 1, Office Lady 2 and Private Dress  Well that didn't last very long so hopefully you got them before they all went down. 

Kurumaerabi: RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3

Car @niftyRQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Ponpon blog: RQ1
That Dude's blog: RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7, RQ8, RQ9, RQA, RQB AND RQC
Race Queen Photogallery: RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Visit the main pages for more updates as the races go on. 

If you fast forward to 7:30 on this video you'll find the GSR Race Queens"

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Racing Miku Nendoroid

I want, I want, I want really badly to get my hands on another Japanese exclusive Nendoroid of Racing Miku for Goodsmile Racing but like the last one I'll probably have to pass on this one but that doesn't mean I can't blog about it's moe-some coolness right. Besides unlike all the other bloggers who have only covered the Nendoroid I'm also going to show you the real deal Racing Miku Itasha Porsche 911 GT3 RSR as well.

Since I was hella busy this last week with Autocross videos and pictures I missed out finding out that Goodsmile Racing had recently released their 2010 Racing Miku Nendoroid and Personal Sponsor packages on their Nicoshop. And while most people are most likely interested in just the moe Racing Miku Nendoroid figure I'm interesting in the whole deal and actually being a Sponsor since I think that's a cool idea. Since I missed out on the new release by a few days there is a ton of information out there already.

There are four packages-
7000yen($77.44us) basic package (nendoroid, keychain, ticket holder and Sponsor card)
10000yen($110.63us) basic package, hat and towel
30000yen($331.96us) basic package, hat, towel and messenger bag
50000yen($553.12us) basic package, hat, towel, messenger bag and Pitcrew shirt

What I haven't seen listed anywhere but I've seen on their blog are a couple different long sleeved shirts which might be available separately later. In any the above sets you only have until the end of March to purchase them so if I were you I get my butt in gear and figure out how to get them because you can only get them if you're in Japan (or by using a proxy service like Japan to door).

I heard a lot of people don't like her looks as she doesn't look like Hatsune Miku but you have to remember that she is actually a new Miku (hence Racing Miku) and not a redressed Hatsune Miku and that's why she looks different. Personally I like how she looks though so I guess to each their own.

Enough about the Nendoroid how about that new Itasha Porsche... well if you follow their blog you could see their progress on the Ita-fing of the Porsche and it's looking good for this weekends race. I haven't seen a full picture of it just yet and I hope to soon. I also wish their blog had bigger images as well but we'll probably have to wait until race weekend to see those.

As far as I'm concerned I definitely like this Itasha look better than the old one with the Z4. I'm sure I will one of the few who likes this new car better than the old car though.

Check out this video of the Porsche getting it's wrap:

Racing Miku

How about another Import from the Hillbilly Otaku blog... It was a Foxy Friday feature about the Real Life Racing Miku.  Since that post Goodsmile Racing has unleashed their Race Queen Triplets upon the scene as well.  Both in cold weather gear and warm weather gear for our enjoyment.  However, since than I haven't seen any more pictures of the Real Life Racing Miku though.  What follows is the original Foxy Friday Feature. 

I'm also wondering if this foxy lady is going to be their only "Race Queen" or if their will be others since they had three of them last year.  Imagine a whole pit crew of cute Racing Mikus...LOL. OK that aside I do believe I also found a couple pictures of Racing Miku with out the outfit on (picture 1 and picture 2) so if any one knows who this is that would be great to be able to find out.  Maybe I'll toss her picture up on Scanlover to see if any of them know who she is. 

I'm just thrilled that their new racing effort is paying off and Racing Miku is turning out to be a very cute and foxy lady and I'll be looking forward to more of her in the coming race season.  It'll definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Oh also it looks like they have started doing their  Sponsorship deal but sadly again it is only open to those in Japan...poo.  But you should still check it all out if you're interested in Super GT and cute Race Queens. 

I'm still looking for more Real life and Animated Racing Miku stuff and I haven't given hope just yet of finding more or finding out who the lovely lady behind Racing Miku is.  I'll feature the Goodsmile Race Queens in a little bit. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodsmile Racing with Cox

With the 2010 Super GT race season well underway already I should get a few of my older posts about Goodsmile Racing with Cox from the Hillbilly Otaku up and running over here as well. I covered the announcement that Goodsmile Racing was teaming up with Cox, the Japanese authorized Importer of Porsche Motorsport division cars and parts, to field a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.
Gone are the days of the non-competitive Miku Hatsune BMW Z4 GTR a new and improved Racing Miku Porsche 911 GT3 RSR is on the scene.  Due to avalablity issues the first handful of races Good Smile Racing will be competing in an older 996 version of the GT3 RSR while they await the newer 997 Gt3 RSR to be delivered and setup.  That means once again they will be missing some races due to that but it's scheduled to be missing only one race in May for testing and development of the new 997 car.

Of course since it's Goodsmile Racing the Porsche is done up in Itasha style with a new  Hatsune Miku one made specifically for the race car called Racing Miku who adorns the car and merchandise.  I really wish I could get some of that stuff but unless I really want to spend an awful lot of money it's just not really possible to do so at the moment. 

With the first two races over Goodsmile Racing has actually done really well for themselves finishing 12th in the first race and 10th in the second race.  While that doesn't seem like a a good thing, compared to last year when they barely finished a race it's a huge improvement and they are well on their way to achieving even better finishes with the new car.

You can follow Goodsmile Racing with Cox on their official blog and their official twitter ages like I do for the latest updates and pictures. 

Goodsmile Racing official page
Goodsmile Racing Live page (twitter feed and live picture updates)
Goodsmile Racing Blog page

Found a short video of the Goodsmile Racing 911

Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Boise Roadster Show

Let's see here it's only a month or so after the fact but I've finally got around to finishing up editing the car pictures that I took at the 38th Annual Boise Roadster Show that was held in March at the Expo Center.  I'm not big into the roadster/muscle car scene myself but I wanted to go for the Bikini contest (for obvious click whoring status ) and to give the new lens I bought during the winter break a test. 
From my stand point and a lot of other people's stand point the Roadster Show is basically the same old same old from year to year.  Lots of the same cars show up along with the same vendors with the same cars and crap each year.  Everyone's opinion will be different on what they liked and didn't like and I'll be honest I couldn't  really give a crap about most of the stuff there since I'm not into the muscle car and hotrod scene.

So while there was a lot of stuff that I just didn't care about there were a few things that I did like.  Chief among them was the Porsche 911 GT3,  obviously I'd like that but a black car is so hard to photograph against a dark background and make it look good.  I also liked the kit-car Ferrari GTO built off I'm assuming a Datsun 280Z. And even though personally I would have done something different to the car other than stock the Mercedes Benz Sedan looked really good as well.

This year it looked like there were more pickup trucks than cars in attendance at the show as well.   There also wasn't as many bikes as I usually see there.

In any case I posted all the pictures that took on flickr like usual so you can see the entire set here --> Flickr

Sunday, April 11, 2010

RAUH-Welt Car Meet

It's no surprise that as a Porsche fan that I'm also a big fan of the Japanese Porsche Tuner RAUH -Welt Begriff and any time I come across a RWB car picture, doesn't matter if I've seen it before, it's an instant save.  I'm always on the hunt for new and bigger pictures of their cars.
So it was a huge surprise when I came across the link on Jonsibal's blog about a recent RAUH-Welt car meet.  A meet where just about every RAUH-Welt built Porsche was in attendance.  I don't know where he found them but there are 200 pictures on his blog from the event and you better believe I downloaded every last one of them.  It was interesting to see that RWB doesn't just build air-cooled Porsches either as I saw a handful of 996s in the group as well.

I just wish those Japanese photographers would take larger res pictures than they did.  It was also interesting to see that the meetup was in a snowy location as well.  That must of been fun to drive in if you know what I mean.  In any case it was a worthy post that I wanted to share.  I just need to find out when the next RWB meet is and sell a kidney to get my fat ass over there to take some real good pictures.

Found the original link to the pictures (208 total) and it looks like the Car Meet was on February 14, 2010 at Hakone. And now that I know that I can look on Japanese sites to find more goodness.

Original link --> RWB

Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 18, 2010 Autocross

Last Sunday was the second autocross event of 2010 and I have to say it was definitely one to remember and not always in the best of ways. It had to be one of the coldest events and while the one in Hailey was wet and cold this one just seemed worse than that event weather wise.  On another side it was also a pretty bad one considering the couple incidents that happened as well during the weekend.  In any case I got a lot of pictures and videos including a semi-holly grail car as well.   
Saturday was one of the Driver class days where people can show up and learn proper driving techniques for autocrossing and daily driving.  I didn't attend that day as I had other plans that day.  I heard that some really interesting cars had come out for the event including the Tesla roadster from last year and a Prowler.  Like all sports eventually something will go wrong.  And the driver school saw the first incident with a collision of a car with a planter curb.  No one was hurt other than perhaps a bruised ego the planter curb was put back together and while the car wasn't drivable it wasn't totaled and showed just how important safety during Autocross was. 

Sunday was cold and seriously overcast which left me huddled in the corner of the parking lot bundled up.  I took the umbrella along but once again didn't need it.  Almost did because it was threatening to rain.  I did however bring some bungee cords to hold my tripod to the case and latter to hold down the tripod in the wind which worked really well.  I didn't have to worry once about my tripod and camera falling over if I wasn't paying attention to it in the gusty winds.

Thanks to the dark skies I was fiddling with the camera setting the entire time trying to find that right setting for good pictures but I just never did find it.  And while I could fix a lot of it in good ol' Photoshop I ended up with just a ton of blurry pictures and half and half shots where part of the car was in focus while the other half wasn't.  That was really annoying to me but I did get some really good pictures. 

Thankfully the videos were a little bit better but with a whopping 90+ cars and drivers I ended up getting a lot of single videos per car with a handful of two videos per car.  I probably would have gotten more videos if I had known that they were only going with 2 runs per car in the afternoon session so I missed some chances there.

It was also in the afternoon session where the second and worst incident happened when one of the cars lost traction and flipped.  Yes flipped.  I knew that sooner or latter something would happen it's just a rule of probability and Sunday was our day to have a major incident.  Thankfully the driver was able to walk away unhurt (minus some bumps and bruises) under their own power and we were soon back to racing after everything was cleaned up.  I didn't get any videos or pictures of the wreck though. 

On the car front I did get videos and pictures of one of my lower holly grail cars a Nissan Skyline GT-R R33.  One of several Skylines in the Boise area actually.  So yes Skylines can do other things than drag race and hardpark.  Both the Prowler and Tesla no showed to the autocross event even though I was hoping they would.  Something way out there though was a New generation T-bird and a Merkur of all things.  So there was definitely an interest mix of the usual the unusual and the super cool. 

When it was all over and done with I came away with a really sore aching hand, 132 videos and 155 videos. 

Pictures are located in this set here --> flickr
Videos can always be found here --> YouTube

However, you can check out one of the videos of Skyline right now. 

March 14, 2010 Autocross

It only took me a week to finish editing pictures and uploading videos from this last weekends Autocross event but I think it was well worth it.  Winter racing break is officially over with this the first Autocross event of the year and the first of many events for the upcoming season.  Which will now include Rally Cross and drift events.  And I'll be there for most of it.
The Snake River Region SCCA chapter had their first Autocross event this last weekend at the Idaho Center in Nampa, ID, and this first event was an interesting one.  For starters it was on the same weekend as Daylight Savings Time so everyone was an extra bit tired for having to crawl out of bed an hour earlier than normal.  Second even though it's already the middle of March it sure doesn't mean it's any warmer.  It was a cold and sunny day.  I didn't put up the umbrella because I wanted the sun to warm me up as much as possible. My poor hand ached after the event from holding onto the camera in the cold.

I set up my gear for the best video shooting and totally got pwned by the sun since I was an idiot and forgot that the sun would be more to the south than would be good for pictures so I was having some issues with the sun especially since I didn't take the anti-glare lens for either cameras.  Hey who doesn't like really shiny spots and harsh shadow.

As for the event itself the course had an awesome layout that was good for just about any car type.  There was a huge turn out of cars for the first event with some 80 cars and drivers.  Many of them returning from last year with new improvements and running in new run groups so it was going to be an interesting day and it definitely was.  Those who graduated from the IMS run group into their respective new run groups showed that they could compete thanks to their time in the IMS class.  Some people also showed off their winter down time projects from neon green rims to new suspension setups and wheels and tires.

I was out there all day shooting film and video and ended up with 129 videos and a little bit more pictures.

Pictures -->  Flickr
Videos -->  YouTube

For a teaser video check out the Subaru Impreza WRX STi running new Neon Green BBS wheels by Moda Metals.

SRRSCCA Annual Tech Meet

Woot! First car post of the new year. Sooner than I had thought too. The first autocross event is just right around the corner so before that the Snake River Region SCCA chapter held it's first annual tech meet that allowed those drivers who qualified a chance to get their cars teched once for the entire year which should allow a speed up in the autocross events.
While also there the cars could be weighed and adjusted for corner balancing to help set up suspension for the next season of racing. A good handful of cars showed up for the tech meet including my roommate and about 15 other cars.  I was there to hang out and take pictures. Sunday was one of those nice cool early spring days the sun was out but it was still pretty chilly.

While everyone was getting their car weighted and teched I was running around taking some shots.  I broke out the new 18-55mm kit lens that I recently picked up this last winter and I have to say I like it a lot.  It definitely allows me to get a lot closer to the cars than the other small lens I have did.  I didn't really have a great time with the shop door being up because it caused a serious issue with the light that was coming in.  I think I did alright with that though.  Once I was outside taking pictures though the sun was a good thing.

I managed to get some pretty good shots in and was trying out some new things with the angles and what not.  Not so much JDM angle Yo but something that would cut out other cars and fill the frame with the car.  I was just experimenting really.  Once I got home and started editing them I decided to try out something new that I found while digging around the raw editor and adding a bit of Vignetting to various levels to get different looks.  I think it worked pretty well. I still didn't care to much for trying out HDR and really nothing I shot would look all that well but I did try it out and failed but I think I know why so I may try it again later at some point even though thankfully HDR is on it's way out as a fad.

In any case it was a nice day to hang out mess with cars and take pictures.  I had a good time and people like the pictures so I'm happy.

You can check out the entire set here --> FLICKR

2010 Miss Roadster Show

I'm only going to import the 2010 automotive posts that I've done and we'll start with the 2010 Miss Roadster Show.  This is the second year that I've gone to the Miss Roadster Show and this years show was smaller and not nearly as hot as last years event.  That doesn't mean there wasn't some hotties at this year's show. 
This year there were 15 entrants.  A few ladies were repeats from last years show but there was a lot of new ladies strutting their stuff down the catwalk.  I liked that this year there was a cutie Asian lady even if her choice of footwear sucked....seriously camo waders?  However I'll admit that there wasn't always what you would consider model material ladies out there but you have to give them all props for strutting about in a bikini up in front of a bunch of dudes. 

I dragged along a friend to take pictures so that it could free me up to take videos during the show.  Filming was made difficult considering we had a tall hottie sitting in front of us so I was constantly trying to film over her head.  I filmed each of the girls on their own video and then filmed the group and the winners.  You can find all the videos on my YouTube page and the pictures of the show can be found on Flickr.

Pictures --> flickr

Videos --> YouTube

1st Post!

Hi there and welcome to the first post of this new automotive blog.  It's called Sokudo no Matsuri which is Japanese for Festival of Speed (I hope!) and it'll be chuck full of cool automotive posts.  You might know me from the Hillbilly Otaku blog which was my first blog that covered everything that I was into from Anime and firearms to all things automotive.  but I decided a while ago that I wanted to split my original blog into two different blogs.  One just for Anime and assorted stuff and one that was just entirely automotive related.

The biggest reason for the split is that I wanted this blog to be more accessible to those who might not like all the Anime and NWS material on my original blog.  It's also a bit more professional I think which will help me in the long run. There will still be a little bit of eye candy though like perhaps the Miss Roadster show, Race Queen of the day and perhaps a Race Queen feature of the week.  I'm still thinking about that last one.

So what will I have on this blog?  Well most definitely I'll have original content from the local car shows and autocross events.  I'll also perhaps have some original content photoshots if I get around to doing some new ones.  I'll try and have as much original content as possible but that's not going to fill up a blog even if I only post every other day like I'm planning on doing.  So I'm also going to be posting a lot of cool automotive stuff that I find on the internet and want to share.  I'll try to add my own thoughts on the subject but I'll always include the original link so those who found it before get their due respect.  The same goes for pictures as well.  If it's not mine I'll do my best to post the copyright information as well.

I'd also like to follow SuperGT just a bit more than I did on the other blog as well especially when it comes to the Goodsmile Racing with Cox team. 

Well that's it for the fist post.  I'll be hopefully transferring over some of my old automotive blog posts from Hillbilly Otaku in a few days so look forward to that. Also I'll warn you now I'm a HUGE fan of Porsche and there will most definitely a lot of Porsche related posts.
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