Saturday, April 10, 2010

1st Post!

Hi there and welcome to the first post of this new automotive blog.  It's called Sokudo no Matsuri which is Japanese for Festival of Speed (I hope!) and it'll be chuck full of cool automotive posts.  You might know me from the Hillbilly Otaku blog which was my first blog that covered everything that I was into from Anime and firearms to all things automotive.  but I decided a while ago that I wanted to split my original blog into two different blogs.  One just for Anime and assorted stuff and one that was just entirely automotive related.

The biggest reason for the split is that I wanted this blog to be more accessible to those who might not like all the Anime and NWS material on my original blog.  It's also a bit more professional I think which will help me in the long run. There will still be a little bit of eye candy though like perhaps the Miss Roadster show, Race Queen of the day and perhaps a Race Queen feature of the week.  I'm still thinking about that last one.

So what will I have on this blog?  Well most definitely I'll have original content from the local car shows and autocross events.  I'll also perhaps have some original content photoshots if I get around to doing some new ones.  I'll try and have as much original content as possible but that's not going to fill up a blog even if I only post every other day like I'm planning on doing.  So I'm also going to be posting a lot of cool automotive stuff that I find on the internet and want to share.  I'll try to add my own thoughts on the subject but I'll always include the original link so those who found it before get their due respect.  The same goes for pictures as well.  If it's not mine I'll do my best to post the copyright information as well.

I'd also like to follow SuperGT just a bit more than I did on the other blog as well especially when it comes to the Goodsmile Racing with Cox team. 

Well that's it for the fist post.  I'll be hopefully transferring over some of my old automotive blog posts from Hillbilly Otaku in a few days so look forward to that. Also I'll warn you now I'm a HUGE fan of Porsche and there will most definitely a lot of Porsche related posts.

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