Monday, April 12, 2010

2010 Boise Roadster Show

Let's see here it's only a month or so after the fact but I've finally got around to finishing up editing the car pictures that I took at the 38th Annual Boise Roadster Show that was held in March at the Expo Center.  I'm not big into the roadster/muscle car scene myself but I wanted to go for the Bikini contest (for obvious click whoring status ) and to give the new lens I bought during the winter break a test. 
From my stand point and a lot of other people's stand point the Roadster Show is basically the same old same old from year to year.  Lots of the same cars show up along with the same vendors with the same cars and crap each year.  Everyone's opinion will be different on what they liked and didn't like and I'll be honest I couldn't  really give a crap about most of the stuff there since I'm not into the muscle car and hotrod scene.

So while there was a lot of stuff that I just didn't care about there were a few things that I did like.  Chief among them was the Porsche 911 GT3,  obviously I'd like that but a black car is so hard to photograph against a dark background and make it look good.  I also liked the kit-car Ferrari GTO built off I'm assuming a Datsun 280Z. And even though personally I would have done something different to the car other than stock the Mercedes Benz Sedan looked really good as well.

This year it looked like there were more pickup trucks than cars in attendance at the show as well.   There also wasn't as many bikes as I usually see there.

In any case I posted all the pictures that took on flickr like usual so you can see the entire set here --> Flickr

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