Thursday, April 22, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 1 Suzuka GT 300km

Because I started this blog two races into the season I'll have to catch up real quick before the third race on May 2.   I downloaded the entire race but I haven't watched it yet (it's three hours long when do I have the time)  but thanks to a wonderful YouTuber I don't really have to since he uploads an 11 minute re-cap of the race that does a pretty good job of hitting all the important parts.  But really what can I cover that hasn't been covered already back in March.
The first round of the 2010 Super GT was an interesting one thanks to the little bit of rain that fell before the race started making the track a very slippery affair.  That slippery affair caused a rather large bash up of cars when they started sliding off off the track during the first lap leaving the field changed up abruptly.  It even caught up my favorite car the Racing Miku Porsche 911 of Goodsmile Racing.  Several cars ended up sliding off course thanks to the rain but that wasn't the biggest crash of the event.

That came later in lap 11  when two of the Honda replacement HSV-010 cars decided to crash into a wall taking them out of the race and setting the crash barrier a blaze.  Not a very good start for the NSX replacement.

Coming across the finish line in the GT500 class was the HIS ADVAN KONDO GT-R  who raced it's way from the back of the pack in 10th place up to 1st thanks to the slide offs and dust ups of the other GT500 cars and they also used a no tire change pit strategy to gain some extra time on the competition.  Second place went to the ENEOS SC430 and the Raybrig HSV-010 got the new NSX replacement their first podium finish with a third place finish.

In the GT300 class it was the M7 MUTIARA MOTORS AMEMIYA SGC7 that came in 1st even after finding it's way off course earlier in the race.  They were able to fight their way back up to first also using a no tire change pit strategy.  This is the last year of the last Mazda RX7 before it goes out to pasture in a motorsports museum so it's good to see it Claiming another victory and hopefully they'll be able to pick up a few more along the way.  Coming in second was the Up Start MOLA Z the last of the 350Z cars followed by the WedsSport Lexus IS350.

Of course while my favorite car didn't find it's way to the podium this time the Racing Miku Porsche 911 of Goodsmile Racing did a good job of finishing in 12th place and while that doesn't sound all that great for Goodsmile Racing that was their best finish to date.  

Here is the 11 minute re-cap of the race for your viewing pleasure.

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