Friday, April 30, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 2 Okayama GT 300km

The third round of the Super GT season starts this weekend and I needed to hurry and write about the second round that was back in April so that I can be all caught up on the action.  Lots of Race Queen goodness has come out and I can only expect more of the same but pictures of the cars are still somewhat still limited though. The second round was held at Okayama International Circuit and was not as violent crash wise as the first round.

With the huge crash from the first event it was good to see both of the wrecked HSV-010 cars back out in race form read to do battle again.  And this time they didn't crash and go boom in fact one of them was able to clinch 1st place for a solid win for the new cars.  The entire finishing grid was different save for the GT300 MOLA Z who was able to clinch a win in the second round.

To be honest there wasn't much of anything really interesting like the first race and the GT500 class ended up with the Weider HSV-010 in first followed by two Toyota SC430.  Zent came in second and third went to Petronas - TOM'S.  The winner from the first round the Keihin GT-R finished in 7th place.

On the GT300 side of things the MOLA Z who came in 2nd in the first race was able to do one better and clinch the 1st place win.  2nd place went to the Apple Shiden prototype race and 3rd place was the other Z car from Hasemi Sport Tomica who downgraded from last years GT500 GT-R to one of the only other Z cars running in the GT300 class. What I thought interesting in this race is that JLOC who really had a bad time last year is doing really well this year so far.  Running two Gallardos this year they have finished both times in the middle of the pack with a good showing in this race with a 4th place finish.

How is my favorite team in GT300 doing?  The Hatsune Miku Porsche 911 GT3 RSR again did a very respectable job in this race with a 10th place finish and I can only hope that they keep finishing higher up the ladder every time.  

I'm definitely looking forward to the third race this weekend at the Fuji GT 400km maybe we'll see some other cars at the podium again and I'm still thinking Goodsmile  will be out of this race for testing of their new car.  It's either this race or the next one that they are dropping out of and I can't remember at the moment.

Here is an 11 minute re-cap of the race like last time.

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