Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 18, 2010 Autocross

Sunday was a lovely day and a great day for Autocross with a clear sky and cool breeze.  Actually had to break out the mobile shade umbrella to keep the sun off my back during my time out there filming.  This was the third event of the year and again there was a very large turn out of cars and drivers with 87 cars entered for the event. The event was held out at the Idaho Center in Nampa, ID which meant I could set up shop off course to catch all the action of the day.
There always seems to be something new and interesting at every event and this one was no exceptions as a RHD Nissan Silvia showed up and ran in the morning session.  I just wanted to scream "Look Silvia's can do something other than hardpark and drift."  The passenger always looked like she was having a good time.  The Skyline didn't show back up but the folks who had the accident last time where already back in the saddle with a rough looking Acura Integra.  While that was it for new cars some drivers showed up with new parts added to their car.  Both regular Lancer EVO Xs  were out with new colored rims and one of them was in one of my all time favorite color schemes rocking cone orange rims with the dark gray colored car.  Unfortanetly his rear diff decided it had had enough and let go in the afternoon session.  

The course this time was a really well thought out course that offered twisties for the Miata crowd and fast sections that let the high horsepower cars stretch their legs a bit.  At the Idaho Center there is a drainage culvert that runs the length of the parking lot where the event is held and is basically unavoidable.   The layouts of the courses usually allow for an easy entry and exist of the culvert section however on Sunday for one unlucky EVO the culvert jumped out and took off the lower CF lip of the EVO.  A bit of duck tape patching and he was back out there, wonder if he'll be rocking the JDM drifter ziptie look at the next event.

One of the things about the event is that there is beginning to be a large turn out of spectators and while usually there isn't anything interesting of note in the spectator section occasionally something interesting happens.  At this event some OG Honda Accord with huge DUBS and crappy suspension was checking out the scene and I had to laugh at the car because every time it hit the culvert the car of course had a serious case of the Honda Bounce that would make a Cheerleader's bed proud.  But that wasn't the worst no some punk in a Honda Civic thought he was all bad ass and when he was leaving he was I think trying to spin some cookies or something but only made himself look like an idiot in the process.  I was going to take a picture of him to post it up as douchebag of the day but it just wasn't really worth my time.

With that the day was done and over with sooner than expected and we were back at home and in much need of a nap. With that another Autocross event was done but my job was far from over because I needed up edit and post the pictures and videos that I took.  You can find both links below. 

Videos--> YouTube
Pictures--> Flickr

I really wish the Silvia was out there for more than just the morning session so I would have more than just this one video of it.

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