Friday, April 23, 2010

The Driver

So what could easily be a better Fast and Furious?  How about a CGI Fast and Furious?  Well actually it's called The Driver and it's an upcoming Animated TV series that will be out some time (Summer?) some where in 2011.  This is so new there isn't any real information out there other than the awesome trailer.

And the trailer is epic, which hopefully means that the series will indeed be epic as well.  It's a good start anyways with the very accurately detailed cars.  The car chase with little cameos of cool cars all over the place and a bit of an interesting twist with the shadowy photographer with a very long lens.  As a photographer myself I have to be a little thrilled at the idea that the good guy is a crazy photographer.

It definitely has me interested in checking it out that's for sure.  You can find their official page here and their facebook page here

Here's the trailer:

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