Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodsmile Racing with Cox

With the 2010 Super GT race season well underway already I should get a few of my older posts about Goodsmile Racing with Cox from the Hillbilly Otaku up and running over here as well. I covered the announcement that Goodsmile Racing was teaming up with Cox, the Japanese authorized Importer of Porsche Motorsport division cars and parts, to field a Porsche 911 GT3 RSR.
Gone are the days of the non-competitive Miku Hatsune BMW Z4 GTR a new and improved Racing Miku Porsche 911 GT3 RSR is on the scene.  Due to avalablity issues the first handful of races Good Smile Racing will be competing in an older 996 version of the GT3 RSR while they await the newer 997 Gt3 RSR to be delivered and setup.  That means once again they will be missing some races due to that but it's scheduled to be missing only one race in May for testing and development of the new 997 car.

Of course since it's Goodsmile Racing the Porsche is done up in Itasha style with a new  Hatsune Miku one made specifically for the race car called Racing Miku who adorns the car and merchandise.  I really wish I could get some of that stuff but unless I really want to spend an awful lot of money it's just not really possible to do so at the moment. 

With the first two races over Goodsmile Racing has actually done really well for themselves finishing 12th in the first race and 10th in the second race.  While that doesn't seem like a a good thing, compared to last year when they barely finished a race it's a huge improvement and they are well on their way to achieving even better finishes with the new car.

You can follow Goodsmile Racing with Cox on their official blog and their official twitter ages like I do for the latest updates and pictures. 

Goodsmile Racing official page
Goodsmile Racing Live page (twitter feed and live picture updates)
Goodsmile Racing Blog page

Found a short video of the Goodsmile Racing 911

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