Monday, April 26, 2010

IMS Spring Drive

Spring is in the air and the itch to get out and go for a fun drive has hit. So this Sunday Idaho Motorsports organized a forum wide fun run up the Lowman Loop which is a long winding Mountain road.  It's one of Idaho's better scenic long drives.  The plan was to leave a local meeting place at 11am and head out.  Lots of people showed up but like usual it took just a bit longer to get going.

Took some pictures at the meetup area and probably blinded some guy passing by with the whitest ass crack view ever when I was taking a shot of a car.  The group didn't leave until about 11:30 after a short driver's meeting to warn everyone that there was absolutely no racing or shenanigans going to happen. With that everyone piled into their cars for the long drive up the Mountain.

Of course our little drive was cut very short when the roommate's RX8 decided to lose an Apex seal or two which left us broken down on the side of the road only 5 miles into the drive.  Some friends stopped to help and while we didn't know at the time that it was a blown Apex Seal we sent them on their way so we could limp back home after the car cooled down.  After we found out it was a blown Apex Seal he started to hike back to the city to find a place with cell reception so we cold call a wrecker.  After a bit of walking we discovered that it wouldn't happen any time soon and started hitch hike our way into town.  Lucky us it didn't take to long before someone stopped to help us out and took us into town.

With the RX8 back home the roommate was moving his second vehicle the Subaru and it decided to die as well.  So we checked some things took out the starter had it checked (it seemed like the starter was gone) but the starter passed it's test so now we're back to square one on trying to figure that one out.

I'm a bit sunburned but I did get some pictures that you can check out here --> flickr

I heard the rest of the drive was great and even had a bit of a Cannonball run at the end.  Lucky Bastards

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