Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 14, 2010 Autocross

It only took me a week to finish editing pictures and uploading videos from this last weekends Autocross event but I think it was well worth it.  Winter racing break is officially over with this the first Autocross event of the year and the first of many events for the upcoming season.  Which will now include Rally Cross and drift events.  And I'll be there for most of it.
The Snake River Region SCCA chapter had their first Autocross event this last weekend at the Idaho Center in Nampa, ID, and this first event was an interesting one.  For starters it was on the same weekend as Daylight Savings Time so everyone was an extra bit tired for having to crawl out of bed an hour earlier than normal.  Second even though it's already the middle of March it sure doesn't mean it's any warmer.  It was a cold and sunny day.  I didn't put up the umbrella because I wanted the sun to warm me up as much as possible. My poor hand ached after the event from holding onto the camera in the cold.

I set up my gear for the best video shooting and totally got pwned by the sun since I was an idiot and forgot that the sun would be more to the south than would be good for pictures so I was having some issues with the sun especially since I didn't take the anti-glare lens for either cameras.  Hey who doesn't like really shiny spots and harsh shadow.

As for the event itself the course had an awesome layout that was good for just about any car type.  There was a huge turn out of cars for the first event with some 80 cars and drivers.  Many of them returning from last year with new improvements and running in new run groups so it was going to be an interesting day and it definitely was.  Those who graduated from the IMS run group into their respective new run groups showed that they could compete thanks to their time in the IMS class.  Some people also showed off their winter down time projects from neon green rims to new suspension setups and wheels and tires.

I was out there all day shooting film and video and ended up with 129 videos and a little bit more pictures.

Pictures -->  Flickr
Videos -->  YouTube

For a teaser video check out the Subaru Impreza WRX STi running new Neon Green BBS wheels by Moda Metals.

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