Saturday, April 10, 2010

March 18, 2010 Autocross

Last Sunday was the second autocross event of 2010 and I have to say it was definitely one to remember and not always in the best of ways. It had to be one of the coldest events and while the one in Hailey was wet and cold this one just seemed worse than that event weather wise.  On another side it was also a pretty bad one considering the couple incidents that happened as well during the weekend.  In any case I got a lot of pictures and videos including a semi-holly grail car as well.   
Saturday was one of the Driver class days where people can show up and learn proper driving techniques for autocrossing and daily driving.  I didn't attend that day as I had other plans that day.  I heard that some really interesting cars had come out for the event including the Tesla roadster from last year and a Prowler.  Like all sports eventually something will go wrong.  And the driver school saw the first incident with a collision of a car with a planter curb.  No one was hurt other than perhaps a bruised ego the planter curb was put back together and while the car wasn't drivable it wasn't totaled and showed just how important safety during Autocross was. 

Sunday was cold and seriously overcast which left me huddled in the corner of the parking lot bundled up.  I took the umbrella along but once again didn't need it.  Almost did because it was threatening to rain.  I did however bring some bungee cords to hold my tripod to the case and latter to hold down the tripod in the wind which worked really well.  I didn't have to worry once about my tripod and camera falling over if I wasn't paying attention to it in the gusty winds.

Thanks to the dark skies I was fiddling with the camera setting the entire time trying to find that right setting for good pictures but I just never did find it.  And while I could fix a lot of it in good ol' Photoshop I ended up with just a ton of blurry pictures and half and half shots where part of the car was in focus while the other half wasn't.  That was really annoying to me but I did get some really good pictures. 

Thankfully the videos were a little bit better but with a whopping 90+ cars and drivers I ended up getting a lot of single videos per car with a handful of two videos per car.  I probably would have gotten more videos if I had known that they were only going with 2 runs per car in the afternoon session so I missed some chances there.

It was also in the afternoon session where the second and worst incident happened when one of the cars lost traction and flipped.  Yes flipped.  I knew that sooner or latter something would happen it's just a rule of probability and Sunday was our day to have a major incident.  Thankfully the driver was able to walk away unhurt (minus some bumps and bruises) under their own power and we were soon back to racing after everything was cleaned up.  I didn't get any videos or pictures of the wreck though. 

On the car front I did get videos and pictures of one of my lower holly grail cars a Nissan Skyline GT-R R33.  One of several Skylines in the Boise area actually.  So yes Skylines can do other things than drag race and hardpark.  Both the Prowler and Tesla no showed to the autocross event even though I was hoping they would.  Something way out there though was a New generation T-bird and a Merkur of all things.  So there was definitely an interest mix of the usual the unusual and the super cool. 

When it was all over and done with I came away with a really sore aching hand, 132 videos and 155 videos. 

Pictures are located in this set here --> flickr
Videos can always be found here --> YouTube

However, you can check out one of the videos of Skyline right now. 

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