Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Racing Miku Nendoroid

I want, I want, I want really badly to get my hands on another Japanese exclusive Nendoroid of Racing Miku for Goodsmile Racing but like the last one I'll probably have to pass on this one but that doesn't mean I can't blog about it's moe-some coolness right. Besides unlike all the other bloggers who have only covered the Nendoroid I'm also going to show you the real deal Racing Miku Itasha Porsche 911 GT3 RSR as well.

Since I was hella busy this last week with Autocross videos and pictures I missed out finding out that Goodsmile Racing had recently released their 2010 Racing Miku Nendoroid and Personal Sponsor packages on their Nicoshop. And while most people are most likely interested in just the moe Racing Miku Nendoroid figure I'm interesting in the whole deal and actually being a Sponsor since I think that's a cool idea. Since I missed out on the new release by a few days there is a ton of information out there already.

There are four packages-
7000yen($77.44us) basic package (nendoroid, keychain, ticket holder and Sponsor card)
10000yen($110.63us) basic package, hat and towel
30000yen($331.96us) basic package, hat, towel and messenger bag
50000yen($553.12us) basic package, hat, towel, messenger bag and Pitcrew shirt

What I haven't seen listed anywhere but I've seen on their blog are a couple different long sleeved shirts which might be available separately later. In any the above sets you only have until the end of March to purchase them so if I were you I get my butt in gear and figure out how to get them because you can only get them if you're in Japan (or by using a proxy service like Japan to door).

I heard a lot of people don't like her looks as she doesn't look like Hatsune Miku but you have to remember that she is actually a new Miku (hence Racing Miku) and not a redressed Hatsune Miku and that's why she looks different. Personally I like how she looks though so I guess to each their own.

Enough about the Nendoroid how about that new Itasha Porsche... well if you follow their blog you could see their progress on the Ita-fing of the Porsche and it's looking good for this weekends race. I haven't seen a full picture of it just yet and I hope to soon. I also wish their blog had bigger images as well but we'll probably have to wait until race weekend to see those.

As far as I'm concerned I definitely like this Itasha look better than the old one with the Z4. I'm sure I will one of the few who likes this new car better than the old car though.

Check out this video of the Porsche getting it's wrap:

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