Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Racing Miku

How about another Import from the Hillbilly Otaku blog... It was a Foxy Friday feature about the Real Life Racing Miku.  Since that post Goodsmile Racing has unleashed their Race Queen Triplets upon the scene as well.  Both in cold weather gear and warm weather gear for our enjoyment.  However, since than I haven't seen any more pictures of the Real Life Racing Miku though.  What follows is the original Foxy Friday Feature. 

I'm also wondering if this foxy lady is going to be their only "Race Queen" or if their will be others since they had three of them last year.  Imagine a whole pit crew of cute Racing Mikus...LOL. OK that aside I do believe I also found a couple pictures of Racing Miku with out the outfit on (picture 1 and picture 2) so if any one knows who this is that would be great to be able to find out.  Maybe I'll toss her picture up on Scanlover to see if any of them know who she is. 

I'm just thrilled that their new racing effort is paying off and Racing Miku is turning out to be a very cute and foxy lady and I'll be looking forward to more of her in the coming race season.  It'll definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out.  Oh also it looks like they have started doing their  Sponsorship deal but sadly again it is only open to those in Japan...poo.  But you should still check it all out if you're interested in Super GT and cute Race Queens. 

I'm still looking for more Real life and Animated Racing Miku stuff and I haven't given hope just yet of finding more or finding out who the lovely lady behind Racing Miku is.  I'll feature the Goodsmile Race Queens in a little bit. 

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