Sunday, April 11, 2010

RAUH-Welt Car Meet

It's no surprise that as a Porsche fan that I'm also a big fan of the Japanese Porsche Tuner RAUH -Welt Begriff and any time I come across a RWB car picture, doesn't matter if I've seen it before, it's an instant save.  I'm always on the hunt for new and bigger pictures of their cars.
So it was a huge surprise when I came across the link on Jonsibal's blog about a recent RAUH-Welt car meet.  A meet where just about every RAUH-Welt built Porsche was in attendance.  I don't know where he found them but there are 200 pictures on his blog from the event and you better believe I downloaded every last one of them.  It was interesting to see that RWB doesn't just build air-cooled Porsches either as I saw a handful of 996s in the group as well.

I just wish those Japanese photographers would take larger res pictures than they did.  It was also interesting to see that the meetup was in a snowy location as well.  That must of been fun to drive in if you know what I mean.  In any case it was a worthy post that I wanted to share.  I just need to find out when the next RWB meet is and sell a kidney to get my fat ass over there to take some real good pictures.

Found the original link to the pictures (208 total) and it looks like the Car Meet was on February 14, 2010 at Hakone. And now that I know that I can look on Japanese sites to find more goodness.

Original link --> RWB

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