Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Red Devil on the Green Hell

Looks like Ferrari just threw down the gauntlet with a sub 7 minute lap of the Green Hell in their 599XX which makes it the fastest "production-derived sports car." For the moment.  Getting the fastest time on the Nürburgring is like winning the lottery to car manufacturers and every one is out there day and night trying to claim their 15 minutes of fame for being the fastest car around the 12.8 mile Nordschleife circuit.

Ferrari's 599XX is the newest track toy for those who want the fastest and best Ferrari for the track and the Ferrari used for the challenge was piloted by Raffaele De Simone who turned in a time of 6min 58sec.  This time was better than just about everything save for the full on race cars and that is pretty damn impressive.  I looked through the records and couldn't find a time for the FXX so I really am curious now to know what the FXX would be able to run and if it would be faster or slower than the 599XX.

You can find all the times on this WIKI page which lists the 599XX in the non-series/road legal vehicles which I think is wrong to begin with but that's their thing not mine.

You can read more on which also has Ferrari's Press Release as well.  I also snagged the picture from WCF as well.  

Here's the video of the lap.

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