Saturday, April 10, 2010

SRRSCCA Annual Tech Meet

Woot! First car post of the new year. Sooner than I had thought too. The first autocross event is just right around the corner so before that the Snake River Region SCCA chapter held it's first annual tech meet that allowed those drivers who qualified a chance to get their cars teched once for the entire year which should allow a speed up in the autocross events.
While also there the cars could be weighed and adjusted for corner balancing to help set up suspension for the next season of racing. A good handful of cars showed up for the tech meet including my roommate and about 15 other cars.  I was there to hang out and take pictures. Sunday was one of those nice cool early spring days the sun was out but it was still pretty chilly.

While everyone was getting their car weighted and teched I was running around taking some shots.  I broke out the new 18-55mm kit lens that I recently picked up this last winter and I have to say I like it a lot.  It definitely allows me to get a lot closer to the cars than the other small lens I have did.  I didn't really have a great time with the shop door being up because it caused a serious issue with the light that was coming in.  I think I did alright with that though.  Once I was outside taking pictures though the sun was a good thing.

I managed to get some pretty good shots in and was trying out some new things with the angles and what not.  Not so much JDM angle Yo but something that would cut out other cars and fill the frame with the car.  I was just experimenting really.  Once I got home and started editing them I decided to try out something new that I found while digging around the raw editor and adding a bit of Vignetting to various levels to get different looks.  I think it worked pretty well. I still didn't care to much for trying out HDR and really nothing I shot would look all that well but I did try it out and failed but I think I know why so I may try it again later at some point even though thankfully HDR is on it's way out as a fad.

In any case it was a nice day to hang out mess with cars and take pictures.  I had a good time and people like the pictures so I'm happy.

You can check out the entire set here --> FLICKR

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