Saturday, May 29, 2010

RQ Team: Pacific Fairies

It's Friday which means it's time for another RQ Team feature and this week it's the ladies of Pacific Fairies.  Occasionally the Race teams have some interesting names like the Zent Sweeties but I had to laugh when I found out these girls were Pacific Fairies.  Sounds more like a San Fransisco gay football league but whatever it's four cute Japanese Race Queens doing what they do best so it's all good.

The Pacific Fairies are the Race Queen Team that represent the LMP Motorsports Ferrari F430 that is a new car for this year as LMP Motorsports ran a Porsche the previous year.   LMP Motorsports is part of the LMP Cars which seems to be a car dealership and motorsports firm.  One of the funny thing about the Race Queens' outfits is that there is an address on the bottom of their skirts and I was curious what it was for and it turns out that the website sells cleaning and sanitary supplies.  Kinda odd really but if you're curious yourself it's ... but you're really here for the ladies and they are...

The four Race Queens of the Pacific Fairies are Mina Kato (加藤未奈), Mayo Okawa (大川真代), Kumiko Nogi (野木久美子) and Ayumi Tanaka (田中愛弓) all of the ladies are new to the Race Queen world and are represented by the talent agency of F-PRO. On the Qblog there was a fifth woman but she isn't listed on the official page so I don't know what the deal is there but her name is Ishida Makoto (石田真以) but like I said I don't know if she's a part timer or if she's off doing something else now. Her blog doesn't mention anything about Pacific Fairies either. 

And now time for some picture links.  I've found a pretty good assortment of stuff out there including great links to Top Queen and material and while it's easy as all hell find the picture galleries for finding any of their videos is impossible except for their old stuff they added themselves to YouTube last year.  None of the ladies of Pacific Fairies have been featured on or Top Queen currently so no goodies there for any of the girls.  No fear as there are several other places to find pictures of the Pacific Fairies.
On with the Picture links -- Don't forget to check out the main sites through out the race season for updates
Motor & Cos: RQ1
Alfa blog
Race Queen Photogallery: RQ1 and RQ2
That Dude's blog:  RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Ponpon blog:  RQ1 and RQ2
Power of Seven blog: RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Car @nifty: RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4

You can check out this video of the girls in action.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rebuilding the Mazda RX8

You learn life lessons in the strangest ways sometimes.  Personally for me I've learned that you should never ever buy a used Tuner car no matter how tempting.  Well unless you really like working on said car.  Really really like working on said car.  Case in point my roommate's 2004 Turbo charged Mazda RX8.  Since you probably haven't been following my other blog's Weekly Review posts more than likely you have no idea that I have been helping my roommate rebuild his RX8 after the engine blew an Apex seal during the Spring IMS drive. 

The first time the roommate had to replace the engine in the car was when he had only had the car for some 200 miles.  That rebuild he had his father help in the process and we learned a lot but unfortunately we didn't learn some really important things like we did this second time around.  The Turbo went back in the way it was and things were good.  Fast forward several thousand miles and updates and head scratching latter.  Like finding out that the fuel mappings and ignition timings were just messed up.  I'm also thinking that the winter flooding of the engine probably didn't help things but sure enough it's bound to happen since apparently Turbo charging the RX8 is NOT a good thing to do. And on a third gear pull one of the Apex seals said no and popped.

This meant the car was going under the knife again and getting another engine.  Also the roommate was doing a lot of thinking of just what he wanted to do with the car at that point.  The first thing and most important was that the Turbo was getting left off this time and the car was going back to stock or as close as we could get it.  The reason for that was to sell the car and get an FD.  He flipped flopped a bit about whether or not to just sell the car now or keep it for a while and autocross it in STX.  Some parts were ordered, some parts were sold and more flip flopping occurred while in the process of removing the engine.   While working on the removal we found out that some other things were just wrong with the Turbo setup like the FMIC was in upside down and had a large section of smaller piping that was definitely not helping the air flow.  We also found out that the aftermarket engine mounts that were included sucked major ass because it actually raised the engine a good 3 inches from the stock location throwing off all sorts of alignments and what not.  Probably why changing the oil was such a huge pain in the ass too.  So from my perspective the original build of the Turbo setup was just a horrible and shitty job that probably robbed the engine of its Hp potential and probably aided in shortening the life of the engine itself.  I could have probably built a better set up than what was in there. 

Probably why the shop that built the car is out of business.  That isn't the end of the story either.  Thankfully after thinking about it the roommate sent the car and engine off to the trusted dealership to be put back together professionally and correctly, not that we couldn't have put the car back together but knowing that it's done 100% correctly is a sigh of relief. in fact it's almost done as well.  What would have taken us another week or so the dealership had the car completed in two days instead.  Will the roommate be happy in the lose of power that the Turbo added, will the car feel the same, will all the gauge pods finally work?  I don't know and only time will tell but for now we've definitely learned some lessons and I don't think I'll ever buy an aftermarket tuned car.  The game is fun but replacing engines is not.  During the process I've taken some pictures which you can find on flicker.

Friday, May 21, 2010

RQ Team: RE Amemiya

It's pretty sad really that the latest RQ Team post is the only new post this week on the blog.  Totally slacking on my blogging job.  In any case this weeks RQ Team will most likely be the last time we see this team as the last of the Rotary powered GT300 car is set to be retired after this season and mothballed at some racing museum in Malaysia. And as far as I've read there isn't a replacement announced yet.  Maybe next year we'll see RE Amemiya returning with the latest Rotary powered goodness the RX8, who knows but for now lets just enjoy the teams lovely group of Race Queens.

Team RE Amemiya is a three girl team made up of Yamauchi Chie (山内智恵), Mai Ono Seki (小野関舞) and Urabe Izumi (卜部和泉).  The girls have an interesting outfit that caught my eye the first time they introduced it last year with the new paint scheme of the car.  I like the green, silver and white outfit but find it odd that two girls wear pants and the other one wears a skirt.  I think it has to do with who holds what.  The two wearing the pants hold the umbrellas while the one in the skirt holds the number plate pole (can't think of a better name for it but I'm sure there is one) for the car.  Yeah looking at the pictures and I'm totally wrong on that part.  However, this year's outfit is better than last year's so they do have that going for them.  Enough about the outfits though.  You came here for the pictures and video...well that's probably why you're here anyways. 

Some links to the pictures of the girls
RE Amemiya
RQ photogallery: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
RQ Blog: M71, M72, M73, M74, M75, M76, M77, M78, M79, M7a and M7b
Car@Nifty: C@N1, C@N2, C@N3, C@N4 and C@N5
Scanlover Forum:  SF1, SF2, SF3 and SF4

Check out the ladies of Team M7 RE Amemiya

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This weeks Race Queen feature is on Team JLOC which stands for  Japanese Lamborghini Owners Club and this year even though JLOC is fielding three cars there is only two RQ Teams for JLOC.  The third team is RQ Team Rire and we'll take a look at them later in the year.  Traditionally the Two JLOC RQ Teams are Team White and Team Black.  Last year's outfits were interesting as the girls went with a one piece leather swimsuit outfit.  This year's look is a bit more traditional RQ though with short skirts and a tube top/jacket.

Both teams are made up of four ladies with a mix of RQ veterans and rookies alike.  I found another great site for info on all the Race Queens including girls outside of the Super GT if you're interested in finding out more about any girl you should check out the Qblog which includes a Race Queen database complete with images and websites to the girls personal blogs.  It's much better than the other RQ database that I found earlier in the year.  So I'll be using Qblog to help me out with the girls.

Team Black is made up of the following ladies: Chiharu Mizuno (水野ちはる), Miho Takayama (高山美帆), Asami Nakata (中田あさみ) and Kurihara Misa (栗原みさ).

Here is Team Black in this video:

Team White is made up of the following ladies: Juri Kamiya (神谷樹里), Hayama Ayumi (葉山あゆみ), Aya Shimizu (清水綾) and Takahashi Aya (高橋あやか).

Here is Team White in this video

You can find all sorts of pictures of the various girls around the net at the various places that I've mentioned before and here is just a sampling of what you can find.

Re-doing the picture links to be more like the rest of RQ Team pages.  Also added a few new sites that I've found after doing this entry.  Enjoy the pictures and remember to visit the main pages through out the race season for new pictures. 
Race Queen Gallery: RQ1
Power of Seven Blog:  RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3 
That Dude's Blog: RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Car @niftyRQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
ScanloverRQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Kurumaerabi:   RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3

Then on the professional side of things there are a few sets popping up.
Chiharu Mizuno for RQ-star -- Swimsuit, Office Lady and Private Dress (now Race Queen yet)
Asami Nakata did the RQ-star thing last year for a different team -- Swimsuit, Office Lady, Bloomers, Race Queen and Private Dress  So far those are the only professional photoshot links that I can find.  All the RQ-star links have been taken down.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Why hello there new kid on the block.  Will you please go home with me?  Yes that's right folks there is a new meaner track monster from Porsche called the 911 GT2 RS.  It's the most powerful Porsche production 911 to date and it's only here to trash talk Nissan on the Green Hell.  When I heard about this monster 911 I wanted one. However, since I don't have a quarter of a million dollars laying around I guess I wont be one of those lucky 500 people who'll be getting one. Poo!

I know you want the technical readout of this new Porsche super weapon.  The 911 GT2 RS comes with the most powerful twin turbo'd 3.6l flat six engine Porsche has built to date.  That equates to 620 hp and 516 lb-ft of Torque being transmitted to the ground by the rear tires.  Shifting is done the old-school way with a 6 speed manual that Porsche says is good for a 0-60 time of 3.4 seconds.  Sure it's slower than the AWD and PDK powered  Turbo S by .3 seconds but the GT2 RS will leave the Turbo S in the dust a couple seconds later by hitting 125mph a full second quicker while still on it's way to the 205mph top speed.  All this is good for a Green Hell time of 7 minutes 28 second time that Porsche is claiming.  Porsche is definitely throwing down the Gauntlet in Nissan's direction with that one.

Not only did Porsche add more power to the new GT2 RS but they put the car on a heavy diet shedding 100 lbs off the standard GT2 weight and 400 lbs off a Turbo S.  Carbon Fiber body panels, reduction in sound deadening material and their new lightweight lithium-ion battery help being the Porsche in at 3075 lbs.  With the extreme power and light weight it was important for the Porsche to keep the driver alive long enough to enjoy the car so they included carbon-ceramic brakes, roll cage, racing buckets,stability-control system, dynamic engine mounts, and Porsche’s PASM adaptive suspension to keep the car firmly planted to the track and headed in the right direction with it's center locking rims with 245/35-19 front and 325/30-19 rear rubber.

Sweet, the GT2 RS only comes in a handful of colors.  There are four color options for the body color (red, white, silver and black) and three options for the rim color (gold, silver and black).  The carbon fiber exposed body panels will only come in dark..  I don't think I would mind a Red and gold color combo myself.

Porsche released these two awesome videos of the car.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NocternoX: May 8, 2010

It's just a bit different doing autocross in the afternoon on a Saturday but that's exactly what the Snake River Region SCCA club did this last Saturday and like usual I was there to film and take pictures.  Well I was there for a while anyways.  I unfortunately forgot that the Autocross and Anime Club were going to be on the same night (I had the A/V equipment so had to do the anime club activities) so had to take off before it even got dark outside.

I was reading in the latest SCCA rag that the SRRSCCA club has grown by a staggering 23% and it shows every time when you go to an event.  There was once again more than 90 cars registered to run during the event.  That's a lot of cars and a lot of pictures and videos to take.  This time there wasn't anything out autocrossing that was new and interesting like the last couple of events but the usual players were all out there to run under the lights when it became dark.

I arrived a bit early so that I could take pictures of the cars in the parking area since I hadn't gotten any really good static shots so far this year and thankfully a lot of turned out really good.  I was once again experimenting with the whole JDM angle thing and while some of them looked really good others just looked like trash.  From there it was off to find a good spot to film the action.  Of course I found the best place to shoot from and once I looked up and noticed that the sun was right in front of me I realized that I was the dumb and walked to the other side of the course to a place while not nearly as great as the original place was much better to shoot from.

All said and done I went home early with 78 videos and 198 pictures and while I was out there I did have a good time.  The course looked awesome with a bunch of different types of slalom course though out.  It looked like an open course but people commented that it was a tight and fast course.

You can find the entire photo set here --> flickr
You can find the videos here --> YouTube

I don't really have a particular favorite video this time but I did like seeing the US spec converted Subaru Forester STi out again.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Exotic Car configurator

Isn't it everyone's dream to one day own an all to expensive Super Exotic car?  I know I'd love to...well actually I'd rather keep to just photographing them.  They can get really damn expensive once you have one in your garage.  Anyways with the insane growth of the Internet what was a common webtool for the average car company has turned into a webtool for Exotic Car companies as well.  The Internet car configurator has gone upscale.  Now not only can you dream about that super cool Exotic car but you can now build your own specific Super car to dream about. 
Awesome!  Well sort of some of them are pretty cool others are just down right boring depending on exactly what you can do with the Configure tool on their website.  Thanks to I've seen a few of the new ones that are out there but are there more? 

When the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 came out Bugatti did have a configure tool for their car that allowed you to pick from a large assortment of color combos and a select few other options.  It was cool when it came out if not a bit buggy if I remember correctly.  I was rather surprised to see that you could still use the tool considering I don't think they are building any new cars at the moment.  You can still find it here --> Bugatti Veyron 16.4

A little while ago McLaren Launched their own configure tool for their soon to be released Super Car the all new MP4-12C which sounds more like a gun name than an ultimate Super Car from England.  This is one of the ones that I liked as it really did a have a ton of stuff that you could customize to your wildest dreams.  I played with this one for a while but could download the PDF file of the finished dream machine.

However,  you also have Koenigsegg and while it's an awesome Super car their configure tool is the lame in my opinion.  Not many options not a lot of bells and whistles and it looks just a bit cartoonish.  You can configure either the Agera or the CCX/CCXR. 

Going back to the cool configure tools but a bit harder to get to is Ferrari who launched some new ones when the launched the new 599 GTO site and now you can configure your own 599 GTO which is fun but not nearly as involved as the McLaren.  You can configure each of Ferrari's current list of cars available you just have to go to each one of the cars to do it so it's pretty involved compare to say Porsche that just has the one configure address and you pick which car you want to configure from there.  So simple it's actually useful. 

This is all fun and games for those of us who can only dream of owning one of these super expensive super cool cars.  There are probably more and I'll be on the look out for them as time goes.  Now back to McLaren and putting together my uniquely me MP4-12C.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Goodbye Good Smile Racing 996 GT3 RSR

With the conclusion of the third round of the Super GT in Fuji the The Racing Miku 996 version of the car is being retired making way for the newer more powerful and competitive 997 GT3 R to make it's debut.  Good Smile Racing wont be at the race in Sepang instead they will be busy testing the new car for it's first outing later in the season. A sneak peak at what the new Racing Miku 997 will look like after the jump.
For an older model 996 GT3 RSR you have to admit that the racing results while not podium finishes still managed respectable finishes for a car running in the Super GT for the fist time.  During its three rounds the 996 Racing Miku was able to finish higher than they ever managed with the older BMW Z4 GTR.

The best part of the outing for the 996 was during the last round when the Racing Miku piloted by driver Banba was able to fight it's way up to 4th place, a very impressive place for the old 996 and the highest place that Team Good Smile Racing has ever seen, but it wasn't to last.  Going a bit fast into the first corner and trying to late brake to keep it's position against the Toyoto Axio the brakes locked up and spun the car around leaving it facing the wrong direction off the track.  Leaving Banba to sit there until it was clear to get going again well back in the pack again, they were able to claw their way back to finish in 14th place in the end.  With that finish Good Smile Racing was bummed out but looking forward to the new car's debut at Sugo. 

Now that the 996 GT3 RSR has been retired making way for the new 997 GT3 R it's a new look for the new Racing Miku as well with the only sneak peak that I've seen are these two images that I liberated from someone's twitter account.  I'm not sure what the Japanese Text says but I really do like the new look.  As far as I'm aware there hasn't been any official announcement about the new livery.  See you at Sugo for round 5 where it looks like the new Good Smile Racing 911 GT3 R will make it's racing debut.

Friday, May 7, 2010

RQ Team: WedsSport

This week's RQ Team feature is on the Race Queens for Team WedsSport Bandoh .  Team WedsSport Bandoh is last year's GT300 Champion winner and the team campaigns a LEXUS IS350 that is currently pretty far back in the points this year but it's still any ones game still with only three races of the nine (including the all star race) scheduled.  But you're here for those three lovely Race Queens of Team WedsSport Bandoh. 
The girls who make up the RQ Team of WedsSport Bandoh are in no particular order Sayuri Kawahara (河原さゆり), Yokoyama Kaori (横山かおり) and Natsumi Senaga (瀬長奈津実).  Of all the Race Queen outfits I believe this is the only team this year with pants instead of skirts and shorts.  There's nothing wrong with that as the are tight tight pants in the right places. 

I've been looking around the intertubes for more Race Queen info, pictures and movies and have found out that searching using the Japanese form of レースクイーン turns up some really interesting results which include some pretty pictures of the girls from WedsSport and other teams as well.  But for now I have some good results for the WedsSport ladies, Including a short video.

Here's a good starting point for pictures of the Race Queens
Kaori Yokoyama for RQ-star -- Race Queen, Swimsuit, Office Lady and Private Dress
Kaori Yokoyama for Maid Queenz -- Maid Queenz
Kaori Yokoyama for Race Queen Club -- RQC1, RQC2 and RQC3
Kaori Yokoyama for Top Queen -- Top Queen
Natsumi Senaga did RQ-star last year for a different team -- Race Queen, Swimsuit, Office Lady and Private Dress
Yeah sorry it looks like all the RQ-star links have been taken down.

Here are the non pro pictures and remember to visit the main sites often for updates through out the racing season.
Ponpon Blog -- RQ1
Scanlover forum -- RQ1 and RQ1
That Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Car @Nifty -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
Motor & Cos -- RQ1 and RQ2
Race Queen Photogallery -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Kurumaerabi --  RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4

Here's the video:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla

Looks like there is another anime themed GT300 race car out this year.  Actually there is three I didn't know the Mach Go machine was themed after the Japanese Speed Racer Mach 5 car.  I'm a bit slow apparently.  However, on the new car it's a Neon Genesis Evangelion themed car.  The Toyota Corolla Axio is designed to look like the Evangelion EVA-01 unit.
Of course the Anime theme doesn't end there.  Not only is the car doing the Itasha thing but the drivers are cosplaying as Shinji Ikari with their race suits designed to look his plug suit.  As for the Race Queens Noa Mizutani and Yuuna Chiba they are also cosplaying in Race Queen attire as Rei and Asuka completing the NGE theme.  

The Corolla made it's debut in the 2010 Super GT Fuji GT 400 km race under the snow capped Mt. Fuji, a rather appropriate setting if you ask me.  The Corolla in it's debut race finished in 9th place 5 spots in front of my favorite the Racing Miku 911.  Not a bad start for the new team.

Run'a Entertainment is the Team responsible for the Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla and this wasn't their first time running an anime themed car.  A few years ago they also ran the Lightening McQueen and Toy Story themed Toyota MR-S cars.  I've seen the McQueen MR-S but I never saw the Toy Story car.

You can find a few more mid-quality images at Car@nifty

Updated May 13, 2010: Found a couple of videos of just the car so enjoy.

Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 3 Fuji GT 400km

The third round of the 2010 Super GT season has been written into the history books with three Toyota SC430s on top in GT500 and another completely different group of cars winning in GT300.  I've read a little bit of the race and watched the re-cap on YouTube and have to say it looked like a fun race under the snow capped Fuji Mountain. I can't wait until I can watch the full race. 

In the GT500 class it was all Toyota with the final four coming across the line as MJ Craft in first, Petronas Tom's in second and third was the Eneos Toyota.  All of them are first time podium winners for this season which is making this season anyone's game in the points championship.  Last years winner the Motul GT-R found it self  knocked out of the race a little more than half way in.  For Toyota it was a run away win, the MJ Craft SC430 never gave up it's lead from the start during the entire race even with the mandatory two driver change pit stops. 

On the other hand in the GT300 class it was a very interesting race with multiple lead changes and passes that would lead to first time podium wins this season for three teams.  Coming in first for I believe the first time the COROLLA Axio apr GT which started in pole lost it and had to fight off a couple Porsche 911 GT3 RSR to get the lead back.  Back to the podium the first time this year in second place is the long running ARTA Garaiya.  Coming in third for it's first podium finish is the Triple A Vantage GT2 who did a great job battling against the Porsche's in the beginning and fighting hard against last years Champion Wedsports IS350 in final laps to get to the podium.

It was interesting to see some new cars out like the new ZENT GT300 911 GT3 RSR which looks freaking awesome and did a good job early on and finished in 7th.  The Hankook 911 GT3 RSR was doing good as well until a drive through penalty and finally breaking down left it on the side of the road.  Also new for this race was another Ita-racer joining the Matsune Miku 911.  This time it was a new Corolla with a EVANGELION inspired livery and RQs.

That brings me to my favorite car and the car that I'm most interested in following the Racing Miku 911 GT3 RSR.  At first I was super excited because I saw my favorite battle it's way from 6th place up to 4th in the early laps and then to see it all fall apart on lap 8 when some late braking ended up getting the Racing Miku sliding around and turned around allowing the entire field to pass it while it just sat there.  Bummer,  with that the Racing Miku finished in 14th.  At least we know that even the older 911 is still very competitive with it's early positions and if we can just keep them from going off course we should see some great results in the rest of the year especially if they get that new one up and running soon to do battle with the other Porsche 911s. 

You can find the official race results here on this page --> Super GT Results

For some great pictures of the race you can find a huge selection here --> Car@Nifty

Here is the 11 minute re-cap of the 3rd round of the Super GT thanks again to the wonderful YouTube uploader for doing this.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

RQ Team: Triple A

For our third Race Queen Team feature I'll be taking a look at the Team Triple A girls.  These girls are from a relatively new team that is running an Aston Martin Vantage in the GT300 series.  In the third round that just recently finished the A Speed Vantage finished in third place a first podium win for the team and for an Aston Martin.  The girls are really nice as well and it looks like it's a large group called the Dechau Girls and they have an interesting website for themselves like the ZENT Sweeties. 
During the week I found a site that listed a good number of the different girl's blogs and websites for the different teams.  You can find that list here but it's not complete yet but hopefully it'll be finished during the racing year.  With the help of that I was able to find out the names of the four girls who make up Team Triple A.  Those girls are in order: Alisa Takagi, Yoshimoto Eri, Rioka and Mizusawa Shigeko.  I was looking for informtion on the ladies and came across a good number of videos on YouTube compared to just about any other Race Queen Teams out there. 

There are also a lot of pictures out there for them as well.  I found a few on car-nifty, scanlover (1, 2 and 3), and the new Race Queen blog that I found here.  These four Race Queens are all lovely ladies and look like they are having a good time.  I also found out that they already have a DVD available if you don't mind spending a bit of money. 

Or you can just look around good ol' YouTube for some videos.  Here are the ones that I know of.

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