Monday, May 3, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 3 Fuji GT 400km

The third round of the 2010 Super GT season has been written into the history books with three Toyota SC430s on top in GT500 and another completely different group of cars winning in GT300.  I've read a little bit of the race and watched the re-cap on YouTube and have to say it looked like a fun race under the snow capped Fuji Mountain. I can't wait until I can watch the full race. 

In the GT500 class it was all Toyota with the final four coming across the line as MJ Craft in first, Petronas Tom's in second and third was the Eneos Toyota.  All of them are first time podium winners for this season which is making this season anyone's game in the points championship.  Last years winner the Motul GT-R found it self  knocked out of the race a little more than half way in.  For Toyota it was a run away win, the MJ Craft SC430 never gave up it's lead from the start during the entire race even with the mandatory two driver change pit stops. 

On the other hand in the GT300 class it was a very interesting race with multiple lead changes and passes that would lead to first time podium wins this season for three teams.  Coming in first for I believe the first time the COROLLA Axio apr GT which started in pole lost it and had to fight off a couple Porsche 911 GT3 RSR to get the lead back.  Back to the podium the first time this year in second place is the long running ARTA Garaiya.  Coming in third for it's first podium finish is the Triple A Vantage GT2 who did a great job battling against the Porsche's in the beginning and fighting hard against last years Champion Wedsports IS350 in final laps to get to the podium.

It was interesting to see some new cars out like the new ZENT GT300 911 GT3 RSR which looks freaking awesome and did a good job early on and finished in 7th.  The Hankook 911 GT3 RSR was doing good as well until a drive through penalty and finally breaking down left it on the side of the road.  Also new for this race was another Ita-racer joining the Matsune Miku 911.  This time it was a new Corolla with a EVANGELION inspired livery and RQs.

That brings me to my favorite car and the car that I'm most interested in following the Racing Miku 911 GT3 RSR.  At first I was super excited because I saw my favorite battle it's way from 6th place up to 4th in the early laps and then to see it all fall apart on lap 8 when some late braking ended up getting the Racing Miku sliding around and turned around allowing the entire field to pass it while it just sat there.  Bummer,  with that the Racing Miku finished in 14th.  At least we know that even the older 911 is still very competitive with it's early positions and if we can just keep them from going off course we should see some great results in the rest of the year especially if they get that new one up and running soon to do battle with the other Porsche 911s. 

You can find the official race results here on this page --> Super GT Results

For some great pictures of the race you can find a huge selection here --> Car@Nifty

Here is the 11 minute re-cap of the 3rd round of the Super GT thanks again to the wonderful YouTube uploader for doing this.

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