Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla

Looks like there is another anime themed GT300 race car out this year.  Actually there is three I didn't know the Mach Go machine was themed after the Japanese Speed Racer Mach 5 car.  I'm a bit slow apparently.  However, on the new car it's a Neon Genesis Evangelion themed car.  The Toyota Corolla Axio is designed to look like the Evangelion EVA-01 unit.
Of course the Anime theme doesn't end there.  Not only is the car doing the Itasha thing but the drivers are cosplaying as Shinji Ikari with their race suits designed to look his plug suit.  As for the Race Queens Noa Mizutani and Yuuna Chiba they are also cosplaying in Race Queen attire as Rei and Asuka completing the NGE theme.  

The Corolla made it's debut in the 2010 Super GT Fuji GT 400 km race under the snow capped Mt. Fuji, a rather appropriate setting if you ask me.  The Corolla in it's debut race finished in 9th place 5 spots in front of my favorite the Racing Miku 911.  Not a bad start for the new team.

Run'a Entertainment is the Team responsible for the Evangelion RT-01 apr Corolla and this wasn't their first time running an anime themed car.  A few years ago they also ran the Lightening McQueen and Toy Story themed Toyota MR-S cars.  I've seen the McQueen MR-S but I never saw the Toy Story car.

You can find a few more mid-quality images at Car@nifty

Updated May 13, 2010: Found a couple of videos of just the car so enjoy.

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