Monday, May 10, 2010

Exotic Car configurator

Isn't it everyone's dream to one day own an all to expensive Super Exotic car?  I know I'd love to...well actually I'd rather keep to just photographing them.  They can get really damn expensive once you have one in your garage.  Anyways with the insane growth of the Internet what was a common webtool for the average car company has turned into a webtool for Exotic Car companies as well.  The Internet car configurator has gone upscale.  Now not only can you dream about that super cool Exotic car but you can now build your own specific Super car to dream about. 
Awesome!  Well sort of some of them are pretty cool others are just down right boring depending on exactly what you can do with the Configure tool on their website.  Thanks to I've seen a few of the new ones that are out there but are there more? 

When the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 came out Bugatti did have a configure tool for their car that allowed you to pick from a large assortment of color combos and a select few other options.  It was cool when it came out if not a bit buggy if I remember correctly.  I was rather surprised to see that you could still use the tool considering I don't think they are building any new cars at the moment.  You can still find it here --> Bugatti Veyron 16.4

A little while ago McLaren Launched their own configure tool for their soon to be released Super Car the all new MP4-12C which sounds more like a gun name than an ultimate Super Car from England.  This is one of the ones that I liked as it really did a have a ton of stuff that you could customize to your wildest dreams.  I played with this one for a while but could download the PDF file of the finished dream machine.

However,  you also have Koenigsegg and while it's an awesome Super car their configure tool is the lame in my opinion.  Not many options not a lot of bells and whistles and it looks just a bit cartoonish.  You can configure either the Agera or the CCX/CCXR. 

Going back to the cool configure tools but a bit harder to get to is Ferrari who launched some new ones when the launched the new 599 GTO site and now you can configure your own 599 GTO which is fun but not nearly as involved as the McLaren.  You can configure each of Ferrari's current list of cars available you just have to go to each one of the cars to do it so it's pretty involved compare to say Porsche that just has the one configure address and you pick which car you want to configure from there.  So simple it's actually useful. 

This is all fun and games for those of us who can only dream of owning one of these super expensive super cool cars.  There are probably more and I'll be on the look out for them as time goes.  Now back to McLaren and putting together my uniquely me MP4-12C.

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