Saturday, May 8, 2010

Goodbye Good Smile Racing 996 GT3 RSR

With the conclusion of the third round of the Super GT in Fuji the The Racing Miku 996 version of the car is being retired making way for the newer more powerful and competitive 997 GT3 R to make it's debut.  Good Smile Racing wont be at the race in Sepang instead they will be busy testing the new car for it's first outing later in the season. A sneak peak at what the new Racing Miku 997 will look like after the jump.
For an older model 996 GT3 RSR you have to admit that the racing results while not podium finishes still managed respectable finishes for a car running in the Super GT for the fist time.  During its three rounds the 996 Racing Miku was able to finish higher than they ever managed with the older BMW Z4 GTR.

The best part of the outing for the 996 was during the last round when the Racing Miku piloted by driver Banba was able to fight it's way up to 4th place, a very impressive place for the old 996 and the highest place that Team Good Smile Racing has ever seen, but it wasn't to last.  Going a bit fast into the first corner and trying to late brake to keep it's position against the Toyoto Axio the brakes locked up and spun the car around leaving it facing the wrong direction off the track.  Leaving Banba to sit there until it was clear to get going again well back in the pack again, they were able to claw their way back to finish in 14th place in the end.  With that finish Good Smile Racing was bummed out but looking forward to the new car's debut at Sugo. 

Now that the 996 GT3 RSR has been retired making way for the new 997 GT3 R it's a new look for the new Racing Miku as well with the only sneak peak that I've seen are these two images that I liberated from someone's twitter account.  I'm not sure what the Japanese Text says but I really do like the new look.  As far as I'm aware there hasn't been any official announcement about the new livery.  See you at Sugo for round 5 where it looks like the new Good Smile Racing 911 GT3 R will make it's racing debut.

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