Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NocternoX: May 8, 2010

It's just a bit different doing autocross in the afternoon on a Saturday but that's exactly what the Snake River Region SCCA club did this last Saturday and like usual I was there to film and take pictures.  Well I was there for a while anyways.  I unfortunately forgot that the Autocross and Anime Club were going to be on the same night (I had the A/V equipment so had to do the anime club activities) so had to take off before it even got dark outside.

I was reading in the latest SCCA rag that the SRRSCCA club has grown by a staggering 23% and it shows every time when you go to an event.  There was once again more than 90 cars registered to run during the event.  That's a lot of cars and a lot of pictures and videos to take.  This time there wasn't anything out autocrossing that was new and interesting like the last couple of events but the usual players were all out there to run under the lights when it became dark.

I arrived a bit early so that I could take pictures of the cars in the parking area since I hadn't gotten any really good static shots so far this year and thankfully a lot of turned out really good.  I was once again experimenting with the whole JDM angle thing and while some of them looked really good others just looked like trash.  From there it was off to find a good spot to film the action.  Of course I found the best place to shoot from and once I looked up and noticed that the sun was right in front of me I realized that I was the dumb and walked to the other side of the course to a place while not nearly as great as the original place was much better to shoot from.

All said and done I went home early with 78 videos and 198 pictures and while I was out there I did have a good time.  The course looked awesome with a bunch of different types of slalom course though out.  It looked like an open course but people commented that it was a tight and fast course.

You can find the entire photo set here --> flickr
You can find the videos here --> YouTube

I don't really have a particular favorite video this time but I did like seeing the US spec converted Subaru Forester STi out again.

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