Friday, May 21, 2010

RQ Team: RE Amemiya

It's pretty sad really that the latest RQ Team post is the only new post this week on the blog.  Totally slacking on my blogging job.  In any case this weeks RQ Team will most likely be the last time we see this team as the last of the Rotary powered GT300 car is set to be retired after this season and mothballed at some racing museum in Malaysia. And as far as I've read there isn't a replacement announced yet.  Maybe next year we'll see RE Amemiya returning with the latest Rotary powered goodness the RX8, who knows but for now lets just enjoy the teams lovely group of Race Queens.

Team RE Amemiya is a three girl team made up of Yamauchi Chie (山内智恵), Mai Ono Seki (小野関舞) and Urabe Izumi (卜部和泉).  The girls have an interesting outfit that caught my eye the first time they introduced it last year with the new paint scheme of the car.  I like the green, silver and white outfit but find it odd that two girls wear pants and the other one wears a skirt.  I think it has to do with who holds what.  The two wearing the pants hold the umbrellas while the one in the skirt holds the number plate pole (can't think of a better name for it but I'm sure there is one) for the car.  Yeah looking at the pictures and I'm totally wrong on that part.  However, this year's outfit is better than last year's so they do have that going for them.  Enough about the outfits though.  You came here for the pictures and video...well that's probably why you're here anyways. 

Some links to the pictures of the girls
RE Amemiya
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Check out the ladies of Team M7 RE Amemiya

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