Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So it's the middle of the season for Super GT and I've gotten a good number of the Race Queen teams featured on this blog.  But since I started doing this I've found new pages and new pictures have been added.  There are also the pro sites that I've started to add as well.  So I thought it would be a good time to look at some of those previously done RQ Teams and add some new content to those posts.  Also it's a good time to look at the remaining teams I still have to feature in the future.

There is a total of 39 Race Queen teams but a few of those are part of one car so that number gets reduced to 32 actual teams.  I'm not sure if I'll feature all the Race Queen teams individually or grouped to their respective car teams.  When I started this blog I only had this PAGE to use as a guide which honestly wasn't the best as it was just text and a link to the Race team if they had one and to the girl's blogs.  However I soon found QBlog which has been a great tool for my research but I would really really love it if they gave the girls' names in Romanji as well so that I don't have to turn to Google all the time and get their names wrong.  Thank goodness some of the Teams do include their Romanji names but not nearly enough do. 

Of course I've also found a few new pages since I've started doing this and since I'm all in favor of sharing my finds you owe it to yourself to visit these sites since some of them feature other Race Queens besides the Super GT ladies.  There is Keetan blog, Kurumaerabi, Car @nifty, Race Queen Seesaa blog, Power of Seven blog, That Dude's Blog (because I don't know what else to call it), The Ponpon blog, The Race Queen Photogallery and finally Motor & Cos rounds out the none professional sites.

On the professional paid sites side there is the best Race Queen site ever called RQ-star which not only has fantastic sets of pictures but tons of videos as well.  It's easy to find the photosets online but the videos are an entirely different story.  RQ-star has it's own YouTube channel but sadly it hasn't been updated since last year.  That's not the only site though there are two others that I'm aware of.  The better of the two is TopQueen which also has TopQueen EX which is a bit naughtier.  The third pay site that I know of is Race Queen Club which for some reason I'm not able to find a webpage for at the moment but when I do I'll update this.  The nice thing is that even as an American you can still join RQ-star and TopQueen sites if you so wanted to.

Of course what good are just pictures when there are videos to be found out there on YouTube.  I've found a few Teams that have their own channels and some very kind individuals that upload videos of the lovely ladies.  The most recent Race Queen channel I found was for Rire Racing which I'll be featuring soon.  But one of the first ones that I found was for the Race Queens of Triple A and the Dechua Girls which is always updating with more awesome videos.  Another couple newer channels I found that have longer videos of multiple teams at once is Gogo5963 and GGGVVV88.  The last YouTube channel that I have is YNB234 which has shorter videos of the Race Queens but each video is usually just one team at a time which is nice for my posts.

So now that we got all that out of the way lets see what we can do to update my previous RQ Team posts.  I'll be working on these through out the week until they all get updated and you'll find the updates after the links. 
RQ Team:  Good Smile Racing -- Everything!
RQ Team:  Zent Sweeties -- Added picture links, fixed a few names, added Qblog links
RQ Team:  WedsSport --Fixed a name, added Qblog links, updated photo links including pro links
RQ Team:  JLoc --Fixed a name and fixed picture links and added new pro-links
RQ Team:  RE Amemiya --
RQ Team:  Pacific Fairies -- Updated Picture links
RQ Team:  Keihin Blue Beauties -- Updated with new Pro site links and Picture links
RQ Team:  Mach Go --Updated with new Picture link
RQ Team:  ENEOS Girls --Updated with new Picture link
RQ Team:  R&D Sport Legacy B4 -- no updates

[UPDATE -- JULY 11, 2010] It looks like all the RQ-star sets have been taken down off the internet.  I don't know if my linking to them was an issue or not but I've removed all the links to them and replaced them with a link to the girl's RQ-star profile instead.  So far all the other picture sets are still up but I guess time will only tell. My bad

So with those taken car of lets check out a video while I have you here.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's time for another entry into the RQ Team roster and this week it's the Race Queens from team R&D Sport Legacy B4 or just R&D Sport for short.  And it's pretty easy to guess that these girls look pretty for the only remaining Subaru in the GT300 class of the Super GT race series. R&D Sport is another team with 4 Race Queens and they are all a bunch of cuties but as far as I can tell they don't have a cutie name for their RQ Team like others do.

So the R&D Sport RQ's are sporting a slightly different take on the short shorts, tubetop/jacket and go-go boots look with a different type of top and since I'm no fashion guru I have no idea what it's called all I know is that it's a cute little outfit that rocks.  Enough of that lets meet those four lovely Race Queens.  There is: Yashiro Kozue (矢代梢), Aoi (小林葵依), Matsumoto Mami (松本麻実) and Yaoi Yurika (葵ゆりか) of the four I'm really liking Mami although you really cant dislike any of them.  Again I had to use Google Translate for most of those names so if they are wrong please let me know so that I fix them. 

But lets face it you're not here for idle chit chat nope you're here for the pictures and videos right.  I'm not sure how many pictures the ladies have since their team isn't a top tear team so they are not the most photographed RQ Team out there. Some of the ladies however have done a few of the RQ pro photoshoots like for RQ-star, Top Queen and Race Queen Club.  Yashiro it looks like did a complete group for RQ-Star for last years outfit but the rest of the stuff is from 2010 that I can find.  Time will tell if we see more later in the year. 

On with the links:
A new entry from a new site that I found this week
KurumaerabiRQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4 it's just to bad the pictures are rather small. 
Race Queen PhotogalleryRQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Motor & CosRQ1 and RQ2
Power of 7 blog:  RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
That Dude's blog: RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Car @nifty:  RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4

Here are the professional sets that I know of
RQ-star: Kozue Yashiro -- Race Queen, Swim Suit, Swim Suit, Office Lady and Private Dress
Race Queen Club -- Kozue Yashiro, Yaoi1, Yaoi2  and Yaoi3
Top Queen -- Kozue Yashiro and Yaoi
Maid Queenz -- Aoi

Thankfully some guys really like the R&D Sport Race Queens and have uploaded a couple videos.
In the following video the R&D Sport RQs show up at 2:20

Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 4 Sepang

It's always interesting when Super GT heads to the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia for the only (at the moment) race outside of Japan in the fourth round of the 2010 Super GT series.  This year's race was no different.  As much as I like the track at Sepang (it was designed by the master Hermann Tilke after all) I don't think I'd ever want to visit during the racing season as it's HOT HOT HOT there.  In fact to combat the heat they actually start this race well into the afternoon to help the drivers keep cool.  I haven't watched the full race yet (in fact I haven't watched any of the full races yet...I's being bad) just the 11 minute YouTube wrap video which shows some awesome racing.

Holy crap there was some serious racing going on at Sepang this past weekend during the Super GT race.  Of course my favorite team (Good Smile Racing) wasn't there as they were busy testing their new 997 type GT3 R model which still hasn't gotten it's new wrap yet.  So with them out of it and the Zent Porsche a no-show as well I was going to root for the Hankook Porsche and hey it did pretty well in qualifying getting into third place behind pole.  Not a bad start.  Unfortuantily the Hankook Porsche didn't finish the race.  More on that later.

In the GT500 series it was the Impul Calsonic GT-R sitting at pole position and there it would stay during the race going on to claim it's first victory since the 2008 race season.  Calsonic's dry spell is over finally.  There seemed to be a bit more drama during this race than any of the ones so far this year.  A bit of Nascar bumping which ended up with cars spinning and dropping positions and ultimately receiving drive through penalties for their actions left the field in a chaotic mess until Calsonic was able to cross the finish line in first followed by the Motul for a GT-R 1-2 and finishing off the podium in third was the Weider HSV-010.  This shake up doesn't help their points standing as 4th place ENOES is still in the points lead followed by the Petronas SC400.

The drama wasn't limited to only the GT500 class, the drama was flying pretty good in the GT300 series as well. The Hankook Porsche that I was rooting for found it self in the latter part of the race getting taken out by a cheep shot from the COROLLA Axio APR that decided that it needed the entire road when the Hankook Porsche tried to pass him on the straights.  The contact between the two sent the Porsche in front of the Axio in a long sideways slide that flatspotted the Porsche's tires for good.  I don't know if any other damage happened but the driver Parked the Porsche on the side of the track and called it a day after that.  The Axio went on to claim third place in the race.  Not Cool Axio!

With the Axio in third the GT300 win went to the M7 MUTIARA MOTORS AMEMIYA SGC 7 for it's fifth win in Sepang and a great finish for it's Malaysian sponsers.  Coming in second place was the always interesting ARTA Garaiya.  With the finish of the race in Sepang we find ourselves at the midway point of the Super GT race season for 2010.  The point standing is still just about anyone's game but it's looking like the Lexus SC430s have a strong lead in GT500 again this year but the in the GT300 camp it's a close battle that actually might find the M7 MUTIARA MOTORS AMEMIYA SGC 7 leaving the scene with a Championship.  I'd like to see that actually, as for my favorite team GSR they are not dead last but so far ranked at number 18 of 23.  The team will be back in July for the fifth round of the 2010 Super GT at Sportsland SUGO with their new 997 GT3 R.  You can read this following article for a break down of the points and the winners comments --> Thai Autmaxx.

You can check out the 11 minute summary of the race here:

Monday, June 21, 2010

RallyX -- June 19, 2010

Sun, dirt and major fun.  This last weekend was the SRRSCCA's first ever RallyX event out at the Pleasant Valley Raceway way the hell out at the ass end of Boise, ID,  but you know what it was a ton of fun and I wish I had remembered to bring my helmet as it would have been a lot of fun to ride along on some of those rides.  This was held on a very busy weekend as there was a ton of other stuff going on that would have been fun to go to as well but I elected to go to this because it wasn't something I had done before and it definitely sounded a lot more fun than the other events.

Since it was the first RallyX for the area there was a small showing of drivers and cars.  A couple of Rally prepped cars and a handful of normal cars and trucks.  I wont mention what someone brought but that car did definitely get some of the best laughs.  Not only was it a first time for the group but it was the first time for the event place and many of the drivers and of course me how is used to shooting cars on pavement.  Shooting around knee high weeds and through the dust and several elevation changes was definitely a first time challenge.

It's probably going to take a good amount of time to get all my equipment cleaned up and dusted out but it was an interesting time adjusting to shooting Rally style compared to the normal autocross action that I'm used to shooting.  I did have a blast and the drivers were having a great time as well.  There were I believe a total of 20 drivers and as much as I liked that number it doesn't pay the bill but hopefully it doesn't get all that many more people to clutter up the field I think 30-40 drivers/cars would be a great compromise and hopefully that would all find us back home before 5pm.  I also liked that there was a nice breeze out there so while it was nice and sunny it wasn't all that warm well until the dust started kicking up a lot to the point that it just wasn't fun anymore and it took the water truck forever to get back out there.  The water truck was probably the biggest complaint as it water some parts to much and others not enough.  Yeah don't water the really steep hill were everyone has a hard time making it up when it's a slick mud track but please do water the parts that had all the really soft silt sand that was getting kicked up and bogging some cars down.

The roommate definitely wouldn't have been able to run the RX8 out there like he thought he could but he would have had a ton of fun in the Outback if it would have been done already.  As it is there is another RallyX at the beginning of July and while the Outback wont be ready by then a lot more people are interested in checking it out thanks to the videos and pictures that I took.  Well at least that's what I hope.  Also by then we are hoping that the track gets some extra work done to it to get rid of the deep silt filled ruts and to help widen some of the corners.  Personally I'd like a large platform at the top of the hill that is another 10 feet off the ground for a better view. 

You can find all the pictures that I took at this Flickr set and while it was my first time doing RallyX pictures and video I know where I need to improve for some better shots.  For the videos you can find them at the usual YouTube place as well. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

RQ Team: ENEOS Girls

This week's Race Queen Team Feature is all about the ladies in orange for Team ENEOS from the GT500 series.  This two ladies only Team has their work cut out for them since they are one of the smaller teams from the GT500 series.  This weekend is the fourth round of the Super GT series and it's being held in Malaysia so I'm hoping that there will be a new load of cool pictures and videos of the Race Queens.  The Malaysians seem to really like taking pictures and videos so it should be a nice update, minus a few teams that wont be making the trip down.

But for now lets get back to those two ladies from Team ENEOS Girls.  The girls are Miki Haruna (春那美希) and Tomoko Okada (岡田智子) who is a rookie this year.  OK, I'm guessing on the first one's name as Google Translate was no help and I couldn't figure it out so used her blog address and took a guess.  If and when I know for sure what it is I'll change it if I need to.  I found the girls' official RQ Team WEBPAGE which gives her name and I was close but now I know it's right.

The girls are rocking this years typical short shorts, tube top with jacket and go-go boots uniform.  They also are sporting a red leg band which is different and cool too. Thanks to the bright orange coloring scheme they are pretty easy to spot. With the white boots it also reminds me of those orange creme sickles that are so good during the summer.  Yummy!  Thanks to the ENEOS team finishing pretty strong so far this year I'm sure we'll get to see plenty of the girls through out the rest of race season.  Right now the girls have a few pictures and videos floating around the net and I'm looking forward to more through out the rest of the year.  No idea if they'll be featured in RQ-star.jp or TopQueen but I'm sure hoping so.  Now about those pictures.

Following links contain pictures up to posting date, for new images visit the respective main sites:
Motor & Cos -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Race Queen Photogallery -- RQ1 and RQ2
That Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
Scanlover Forum -- RQ1 and RQ2
PonPon blog -- RQ1  Here's to hoping he ads more later.
Car @nifty -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4  and RQ5
Kurumaerabi -- RQ1 and RQ2

That takes care of the pictures so how about those videos....  There is one guy on YouTube who has a good handful of long videos just of the ENEOS Girls and you can check out his channel for at least 4 videos of the girls.  There is also this short video of the ladies:

The other guy who has a lot of Race Queen videos up on YouTube doesn't have one of the ENEOS Girls so I'll just post another one from that one guy's channel for you to enjoy as well:

Maybe I should start checking Dailymotion as well since that seems to have a good helping of lovely Asian lady videos as well.

Monday, June 14, 2010

IMS Photoshoot

This last weekend I went to a small gathering of members from the Idaho Motorsports forum for a photoshot.  It was meant to be a meetup for members who wanted to get pictures of their cars and those who wanted to learn more about shooting cars.  I went there to learn more about shooting cars since I drive a pile of poo anyways.

The photoshoot took place on Saturday in the late afternoon at some out of the way un-used warehouse with an interesting outside wall.  It was also the first weekend when the sun decided to come out and play for a change making it a long hot two hour photoshoot.  Thank goodness for sunblock.

34 cars showed up to have their pictures taken from a large and diverse selection of Sports cars from Imports to Domestics.  While the cars were getting shot in the sun the members were huddling in the shade provided by the vacant warehouse to keep cool.  I made the odd observation that the groups would constantly move from one landing to another based on who was moving about.  Even though it was supposed to be a learning experience and had a good number of people signed up to take pictures only three people including myself and the person hosting the shoot showed up to take pictures. That did speed up the process a little bit though and made it easy to take what ever and how many ever pictures you wanted to.

Lots of pictures, lots of sun and a pretty good time was had by all I'm sure.  Since it was late in the afternoon but not at the golden hour the natural light was a bit harsh and not having an off camera flash was definitely not helping my pictures any at all.  The host brought out his light set up and I got to sample it a little bit later in the afternoon and I could definitely see the difference that they made mostly from the front of the car to lighten that area up.  Really should invest in a simple light setup one of these days and remote flashes along with a good light meter.  

Of course the big thing, or it has turned into the big thing now was taking pictures of the cutie in the nice outfit.  When she showed up I knew I was going to have to take some pictures of her.   Who wouldn't take a picture of a cute girl in a nice outfit after all.  But I didn't think it would get the response that it did on the forum.  I figured I'd get pestered to no end if I didn't post them.  I honestly didn't think they would be that big a deal since it wasn't anything ZOMG!  upskirt or crazy anyways.  I was starting to get a bit worried about it but since the girl herself favorited the pictures don't think it was really seen as a bad thing just some boys got a bit carried away with it I think.     

You can find the entire set of 96 pictures that I processed (I might do more later on) from the shoot at this Flickr Set --> IMS Photoshot

Saturday, June 12, 2010

RQ Team: Mach Go

It's time for another RQ Team feature and this week I'll be taking a look at Team Mach Go.  The third Super GT team to rock an anime theme this year is Team Mach Go which is based off the Speed Racer Anime.  The Race Queen team for Team Mach Go (no cutie name here) consists of six ladies and is I believe the largest single Race Queen Team this year.

You can find the Race Team's blog HERE and their official page HERE for even more information and news on the Race Team.  As for the RQ Team they sure are a bunch of cuties that consists of the following six ladies: Yuka Tachibana (立花ゆか), Megumi Haruna (春菜めぐみ), Rika Hashimoto (橋本梨華), Ueda Saki (植田早紀), Mai Asano (浅野舞) and Minoru Ikehara (池原冬実).  I do have to warn you that I Google translated four out of the six of those names so they could very well be wrong.  The other two thankfully did photoshoots for RQ-Star.jp so I know those names are correct.  Hopefully those other four will do shoots for RQ-Star.jp as well and I'll be able to correct the names later. 

Their outfit this year is a pretty simple short shorts, tube top and mini jacket combo with the Go Go boots. Seems like that is a pretty common type of outfit this year.  Two of the girls also rock Crew shirts and keep everything pretty well covered up.  Those two also where black socks instead of the red socks of the other four ladies.  However are you really here for that or are you really hear for the picture links.

The two ladies who have been in RQ-Star.jp are:  Sorry all the RQ-star sets have been taken down
Rika Hashimoto -- Race Queen, Micro Mini, Swim Suit and Private Dress
Yuka Tachibana -- Race Queen, Swimsuit, Private Dress and Office Lady

As for the other ladies you can find all of them in the following links.  Also I've been thinking about it and I'd have to keep updating these every time there was a new race but I don't think I want to do that so unless the girls are in new sets for RQ-Star or TopQueen you'll have to visit the links I provided main pages to find new pictures of the ladies after each race.  On with the pictures...

TopQueen -- Yuka Tachibana and Rika Hashimoto
RQ Photogallery -- RQ1 and RQ2
That Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5, RQ6, RQ7, RQ8, RQ9, RQ10, RQ11, RQ12 and RQ13
The PonPon Blog -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
The Race Queen Photo blog -- RQ1
Motor & Cos
Car@nifty -- RQ1 and RQ2
Kurumaerabi: RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Don't forget to check out the main sites for more updates as the races go on. 

That's it for the Race Queen pictures but there are also some videos of the ladies as well.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

May 30, 2010 Autocross

Finished editing the pictures for the May 30, 2010 autocross event so it's definitely a good time to blog about the second day of this two day event.  Saturday was the enduro and Sunday was a fast furious short course that was capable of having three cars out at a time.  And that proved a problem for me who was out there to film and take pictures.  While taking pictures wasn't the hard part it was filming the cars that proved to be rather difficult.

Even though taking pictures of the action wasn't hard thanks to being just a touch sore already from Saturday's event I found that I wasn't doing a good job of taking pictures and trying to rapid fire the shots off only maybe one in four images were not a complete blurry mess.  I actually ended up with as many pictures as I did videos.  You can find the pictures in this flickr set.

On the other hand the videos were a pain in the ass as I could only shoot every third car so I was missing two cars in between videos and I did my best to make sure that I got at least one video for each of the cars that were out there that morning as I wasn't about to hang around for the full day.  It was going good until the second group in the morning session started having serious timing issues and several cars were getting reruns which really through off my rhythm, so I believe I missed just a few cars in that second set. 

So yeah like I said I skipped after the morning session and I'm glad I did as I was already getting fatigued and worn out.  Also unlike Saturday the sun decided to make a rare appearance during the month and started to bake me under the sun even with a good layer of sunscreen on I still felt like I was a bug under a magnifying glass. Thank goodness for the portable shade as it got well used for the first time this year.

Sunday was definitely a day for the usual subjects as there wasn't much new and exciting out there mostly just the regulars even so IMS class still led the way with the highest number of members turning up.  On the course side it was a slightly altered course from Saturday's event, gone was the second lap and the start and finish swapped sides  Some other modifications were made as well.  It was a good time and as always I was happy to be out there filming and taking pictures.

You can check out the Sunday's videos at the usual place on YouTube but here is by far the most interesting video of the day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

RQ Team: Keihin Blue Beauties

I've been waiting to do the Keihin Blue Beauties because I hadn't found any YouTube videos for them yet but recently someone uploaded the RQ-Star.jp free promo video that they have up on their site that features one of the ladies of Keihin Blue Beauties so I figured that was good enough for me.  Plus it's a hot video. So it's a good time to feature the ladies of Keihin Blue Beauties.

The Keihin Blue Beauties is a two girl Race Queen group that is comprised of Mana Mizuno (水乃麻奈) and Emi Shimizu(清水恵美) both of them are really cute and their outfits are one of the better ones mostly due to those super tight leggings.  Though it does make the go-go boots look a bit out of sorts.  This is also the first if the GT500 Race Queen Teams as they do their thing for Keihin Real Racing which fields one of the newer Honda HSV-010. 

Both ladies have done photoshots for RQ-star.jp and thanks to some very nice internet folks you can enjoy them all for free.  Well until someone complains and has them pulled for copyright infringement.  All of the links have been taken down.
Mana Mizuno:
Race Queen, Office Lady, Swim Suit 1 and Swimsuit 2
Emi Shimizu:
Race Queen, Office Lady, Private Dress, Swimsuit 1 and Swimsuit 2

Apparently no one has Emi's Race Queen set uploaded at the moment.  Once someone does that I'll add it as well.  Mana doesn't have a private dress set out yet so I'm not missing that one.  What I don't understand is why are the videos never uploaded any where.  They have a ton of videos but none of them are out there that I can find unless I'm just looking in the wrong places. If you're wondering if they have done any work for Top Queen as far as I can tell they haven't so far but anyways onto some more pictures. Actually, Mana Mizuno has done a couple sets for Top Queen when she was with Team Mach Go last year Here and Here you know if you want them.   As well as a set from Race Queen Club.  Emi Shimizu has also done sets for Race Queen Club and Maid Queenz

Emi for Race Queen Club 1 and RQC2
Motor & Cos blog:  RQ1 and RQ2
Race Queen Photogallery: RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
That Dude's blog:  RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Car @NiftyRQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
PonPon Blog: RQ1 and RQ2
Power of Seven: RQ1
Kurumaerabi: RQ1 and RQ2
Don't forget to check out the main sites for more pictures during the rest of the racing season

Here's that teaser video from RQ-Star.jp on YouTube:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 29, 2010 Autocross

Another weekend another autocross event.  This is part one of the two day event during Memorial Day Weekend.  Because it was a two day event Saturday's setup was that of an enduro course and it wasn't for the faint of heart.  Out at the Expo center again the pavement has a lot of slight elevation changes and depending on the course layout it can be an interesting set up.  And that was definitely the course for Saturday.

Again I was out there to film and photograph the event and like usual something interesting showed up in the paddock area.   This time it was a yellow Lotus Europa that was for sale.  I didn't get the guys phone number but I'm sure if someone was really interested I could track it down.  I got a lot of good pictures this time out and you can check out the entire set here on flickr. I was also out there sporting my new Enkei RPF-1 T-shirt that I had recently purchased as well.  Didn't get any comments like my Stig's fat cousin shirt does though. 

Because the course on Saturday was an enduro course and consisted of  two laps filming was pretty easy as only one car could be out at a time so it was easy to get a video of each car that was out there. However, because the course was longer I ended up with less videos than I normally would but still easily filled the 4gb card and was well on the way to doing the same to the 2gb card.  I did get a lot of good runs though.  The bad thing about the longer runs and only one car out at a time the first session took forever and didn't finish until pretty close to 2pm.  Since I was planning to do both days I was heading home after the first session anyways and I'm glad I did as the second session lasted well into the afternoon.

I liked the setup of the course as it took full advantage of those changes in elevation in the parking lot allowing some cars to actually catch air if they went through a couple of the gates just right.  It was both a high speed and tight cornering course with the biggest bitch of a turn being the last turn into the finish line.  Even the person who set up the course said that the finish was a pain in the ass.

As usual you can find all the videos on my youtube page but you'll first have to navigate through the videos of the second day.  I'll blog about that on Saturday.

I don't have a favorite video from this day and this is just a generic video from that first day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Viva La Evolution

It's not hard to find a handful of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo cars out at any autocross event.  Here in the Snake River Region SCCA alone we have close to 10 of them competing in various classes.  Currently they are almost completely dominate in their classes as well.  And hence that's become a problem on the national level.  Turns out the Evo is just to damn good and has become the defacto car to win with in the National BSP class.  Impressive for a four door sedan rocking a stock turbo charged Inline-4 engine that well prepared can easily achieve 400whp.

At first when I heard about the SCCA looking at moving the Evo out of BSP, where it's handily winning, to the more aggressive ASP class I figured it was just a bunch of whining old losers with their former class winning cars complaining about not being able to win anymore. They couldn't handle that a new car was coming out and stomping all over their egos.  So instead of trying to get better themselves they just sulked off and mumbled about those damn cheater cars.  I thought it was pretty lame that they would pick on a single car because it was winning and trying to shuffle it off to a higher class.  After some arguing with the roommate about it.  I was on the side of whiny old bitches just complaining vs his side of BSP needs to see more competition and attendance which the Evo is killing when it wins all the time.  I decided I'd go look up why the SCCA wanted to move the car in the first place and their reasons for it and I found this, from here

Move from BSP to ASP: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII and Evo IX (ed: what about the X?) .
Per the SPAC: The committee puts forth this proposal based on member feedback from other car re-classification proposals that were largely triggered by requests to reclassify cars currently deemed uncompetitive in BSP. As a result of those proposals, the membership has voiced a concern about reshuffling most of the SP category due to “the domination of the Evo in BSP”. The SPAC has taken this feedback seriously and would like to provide some of the thinking behind this latest proposal.
1) BSP numbers have been on the decline since the Evo was added to BSP.
2) Without the EVO in BSP, the class has a widely diverse set of cars that have proven to be popular cars in Stock classes and even in BSP prior to the Evo. All indicators would show that BSP without the Evo would be a very strong and diverse class.
3) Since boost restrictions were lifted and E85 is more prolific, the performance of the Evo has increased more so than any other car in BSP. Power output now is reported to be somewhere near the 400whp range.
4) AWD cars are already in ASP and course/weather dependencies haven’t shown a strong preference toward them.  That said, regardless of class the Evo will likely be near the top if it rains. Classing the Evo should not be done solely for concern with regards to weather.
5) While “spec” classes have proven to be successful (Miata in CSP for example), the numbers of Evos that have shown up at Nationals have been comparatively low.
6) An AWD-only SP class is not a viable option as the Evo would still be the top car, and numbers of cars at nationals indicates that this class would not survive.
OK so a fully prepared Evo that could easily win BSP could and maybe should be moved to ASP for more competition (and less whining from those other drivers) but what about the not fully prepared Evo?  They are doomed to be none competitive in ASP and while the roommate thinks that's just the way the game is played on the national level isn't that just a bit unfair too?  If you're not fully at the limits of the class in nationals you're SOL but isn't the whole part about moving the Evo to ASP supposedly to make it a fair game for everyone?  Looks like the whole thing is just a slippery slope that wont ever see everyone happy with where the Evo ends up.  From my stand point just because some fully prepped Evos are killing in BSP nationals it doesn't mean they should move the car up in class across the board.  Maybe a HP divide would be a good compromise.  I don't know but it'll be an interesting thing to follow for sure. 

Here's a video from this last weekends autocross of a non BSP Evo (none of the ones in BSP were running this time)
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