Monday, June 14, 2010

IMS Photoshoot

This last weekend I went to a small gathering of members from the Idaho Motorsports forum for a photoshot.  It was meant to be a meetup for members who wanted to get pictures of their cars and those who wanted to learn more about shooting cars.  I went there to learn more about shooting cars since I drive a pile of poo anyways.

The photoshoot took place on Saturday in the late afternoon at some out of the way un-used warehouse with an interesting outside wall.  It was also the first weekend when the sun decided to come out and play for a change making it a long hot two hour photoshoot.  Thank goodness for sunblock.

34 cars showed up to have their pictures taken from a large and diverse selection of Sports cars from Imports to Domestics.  While the cars were getting shot in the sun the members were huddling in the shade provided by the vacant warehouse to keep cool.  I made the odd observation that the groups would constantly move from one landing to another based on who was moving about.  Even though it was supposed to be a learning experience and had a good number of people signed up to take pictures only three people including myself and the person hosting the shoot showed up to take pictures. That did speed up the process a little bit though and made it easy to take what ever and how many ever pictures you wanted to.

Lots of pictures, lots of sun and a pretty good time was had by all I'm sure.  Since it was late in the afternoon but not at the golden hour the natural light was a bit harsh and not having an off camera flash was definitely not helping my pictures any at all.  The host brought out his light set up and I got to sample it a little bit later in the afternoon and I could definitely see the difference that they made mostly from the front of the car to lighten that area up.  Really should invest in a simple light setup one of these days and remote flashes along with a good light meter.  

Of course the big thing, or it has turned into the big thing now was taking pictures of the cutie in the nice outfit.  When she showed up I knew I was going to have to take some pictures of her.   Who wouldn't take a picture of a cute girl in a nice outfit after all.  But I didn't think it would get the response that it did on the forum.  I figured I'd get pestered to no end if I didn't post them.  I honestly didn't think they would be that big a deal since it wasn't anything ZOMG!  upskirt or crazy anyways.  I was starting to get a bit worried about it but since the girl herself favorited the pictures don't think it was really seen as a bad thing just some boys got a bit carried away with it I think.     

You can find the entire set of 96 pictures that I processed (I might do more later on) from the shoot at this Flickr Set --> IMS Photoshot

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