Thursday, June 3, 2010

May 29, 2010 Autocross

Another weekend another autocross event.  This is part one of the two day event during Memorial Day Weekend.  Because it was a two day event Saturday's setup was that of an enduro course and it wasn't for the faint of heart.  Out at the Expo center again the pavement has a lot of slight elevation changes and depending on the course layout it can be an interesting set up.  And that was definitely the course for Saturday.

Again I was out there to film and photograph the event and like usual something interesting showed up in the paddock area.   This time it was a yellow Lotus Europa that was for sale.  I didn't get the guys phone number but I'm sure if someone was really interested I could track it down.  I got a lot of good pictures this time out and you can check out the entire set here on flickr. I was also out there sporting my new Enkei RPF-1 T-shirt that I had recently purchased as well.  Didn't get any comments like my Stig's fat cousin shirt does though. 

Because the course on Saturday was an enduro course and consisted of  two laps filming was pretty easy as only one car could be out at a time so it was easy to get a video of each car that was out there. However, because the course was longer I ended up with less videos than I normally would but still easily filled the 4gb card and was well on the way to doing the same to the 2gb card.  I did get a lot of good runs though.  The bad thing about the longer runs and only one car out at a time the first session took forever and didn't finish until pretty close to 2pm.  Since I was planning to do both days I was heading home after the first session anyways and I'm glad I did as the second session lasted well into the afternoon.

I liked the setup of the course as it took full advantage of those changes in elevation in the parking lot allowing some cars to actually catch air if they went through a couple of the gates just right.  It was both a high speed and tight cornering course with the biggest bitch of a turn being the last turn into the finish line.  Even the person who set up the course said that the finish was a pain in the ass.

As usual you can find all the videos on my youtube page but you'll first have to navigate through the videos of the second day.  I'll blog about that on Saturday.

I don't have a favorite video from this day and this is just a generic video from that first day.

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