Sunday, June 6, 2010

May 30, 2010 Autocross

Finished editing the pictures for the May 30, 2010 autocross event so it's definitely a good time to blog about the second day of this two day event.  Saturday was the enduro and Sunday was a fast furious short course that was capable of having three cars out at a time.  And that proved a problem for me who was out there to film and take pictures.  While taking pictures wasn't the hard part it was filming the cars that proved to be rather difficult.

Even though taking pictures of the action wasn't hard thanks to being just a touch sore already from Saturday's event I found that I wasn't doing a good job of taking pictures and trying to rapid fire the shots off only maybe one in four images were not a complete blurry mess.  I actually ended up with as many pictures as I did videos.  You can find the pictures in this flickr set.

On the other hand the videos were a pain in the ass as I could only shoot every third car so I was missing two cars in between videos and I did my best to make sure that I got at least one video for each of the cars that were out there that morning as I wasn't about to hang around for the full day.  It was going good until the second group in the morning session started having serious timing issues and several cars were getting reruns which really through off my rhythm, so I believe I missed just a few cars in that second set. 

So yeah like I said I skipped after the morning session and I'm glad I did as I was already getting fatigued and worn out.  Also unlike Saturday the sun decided to make a rare appearance during the month and started to bake me under the sun even with a good layer of sunscreen on I still felt like I was a bug under a magnifying glass. Thank goodness for the portable shade as it got well used for the first time this year.

Sunday was definitely a day for the usual subjects as there wasn't much new and exciting out there mostly just the regulars even so IMS class still led the way with the highest number of members turning up.  On the course side it was a slightly altered course from Saturday's event, gone was the second lap and the start and finish swapped sides  Some other modifications were made as well.  It was a good time and as always I was happy to be out there filming and taking pictures.

You can check out the Sunday's videos at the usual place on YouTube but here is by far the most interesting video of the day.

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