Monday, June 21, 2010

RallyX -- June 19, 2010

Sun, dirt and major fun.  This last weekend was the SRRSCCA's first ever RallyX event out at the Pleasant Valley Raceway way the hell out at the ass end of Boise, ID,  but you know what it was a ton of fun and I wish I had remembered to bring my helmet as it would have been a lot of fun to ride along on some of those rides.  This was held on a very busy weekend as there was a ton of other stuff going on that would have been fun to go to as well but I elected to go to this because it wasn't something I had done before and it definitely sounded a lot more fun than the other events.

Since it was the first RallyX for the area there was a small showing of drivers and cars.  A couple of Rally prepped cars and a handful of normal cars and trucks.  I wont mention what someone brought but that car did definitely get some of the best laughs.  Not only was it a first time for the group but it was the first time for the event place and many of the drivers and of course me how is used to shooting cars on pavement.  Shooting around knee high weeds and through the dust and several elevation changes was definitely a first time challenge.

It's probably going to take a good amount of time to get all my equipment cleaned up and dusted out but it was an interesting time adjusting to shooting Rally style compared to the normal autocross action that I'm used to shooting.  I did have a blast and the drivers were having a great time as well.  There were I believe a total of 20 drivers and as much as I liked that number it doesn't pay the bill but hopefully it doesn't get all that many more people to clutter up the field I think 30-40 drivers/cars would be a great compromise and hopefully that would all find us back home before 5pm.  I also liked that there was a nice breeze out there so while it was nice and sunny it wasn't all that warm well until the dust started kicking up a lot to the point that it just wasn't fun anymore and it took the water truck forever to get back out there.  The water truck was probably the biggest complaint as it water some parts to much and others not enough.  Yeah don't water the really steep hill were everyone has a hard time making it up when it's a slick mud track but please do water the parts that had all the really soft silt sand that was getting kicked up and bogging some cars down.

The roommate definitely wouldn't have been able to run the RX8 out there like he thought he could but he would have had a ton of fun in the Outback if it would have been done already.  As it is there is another RallyX at the beginning of July and while the Outback wont be ready by then a lot more people are interested in checking it out thanks to the videos and pictures that I took.  Well at least that's what I hope.  Also by then we are hoping that the track gets some extra work done to it to get rid of the deep silt filled ruts and to help widen some of the corners.  Personally I'd like a large platform at the top of the hill that is another 10 feet off the ground for a better view. 

You can find all the pictures that I took at this Flickr set and while it was my first time doing RallyX pictures and video I know where I need to improve for some better shots.  For the videos you can find them at the usual YouTube place as well. 

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