Friday, June 4, 2010

RQ Team: Keihin Blue Beauties

I've been waiting to do the Keihin Blue Beauties because I hadn't found any YouTube videos for them yet but recently someone uploaded the free promo video that they have up on their site that features one of the ladies of Keihin Blue Beauties so I figured that was good enough for me.  Plus it's a hot video. So it's a good time to feature the ladies of Keihin Blue Beauties.

The Keihin Blue Beauties is a two girl Race Queen group that is comprised of Mana Mizuno (水乃麻奈) and Emi Shimizu(清水恵美) both of them are really cute and their outfits are one of the better ones mostly due to those super tight leggings.  Though it does make the go-go boots look a bit out of sorts.  This is also the first if the GT500 Race Queen Teams as they do their thing for Keihin Real Racing which fields one of the newer Honda HSV-010. 

Both ladies have done photoshots for and thanks to some very nice internet folks you can enjoy them all for free.  Well until someone complains and has them pulled for copyright infringement.  All of the links have been taken down.
Mana Mizuno:
Race Queen, Office Lady, Swim Suit 1 and Swimsuit 2
Emi Shimizu:
Race Queen, Office Lady, Private Dress, Swimsuit 1 and Swimsuit 2

Apparently no one has Emi's Race Queen set uploaded at the moment.  Once someone does that I'll add it as well.  Mana doesn't have a private dress set out yet so I'm not missing that one.  What I don't understand is why are the videos never uploaded any where.  They have a ton of videos but none of them are out there that I can find unless I'm just looking in the wrong places. If you're wondering if they have done any work for Top Queen as far as I can tell they haven't so far but anyways onto some more pictures. Actually, Mana Mizuno has done a couple sets for Top Queen when she was with Team Mach Go last year Here and Here you know if you want them.   As well as a set from Race Queen Club.  Emi Shimizu has also done sets for Race Queen Club and Maid Queenz

Emi for Race Queen Club 1 and RQC2
Motor & Cos blog:  RQ1 and RQ2
Race Queen Photogallery: RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
That Dude's blog:  RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3
Car @NiftyRQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
PonPon Blog: RQ1 and RQ2
Power of Seven: RQ1
Kurumaerabi: RQ1 and RQ2
Don't forget to check out the main sites for more pictures during the rest of the racing season

Here's that teaser video from on YouTube:

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