Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So it's the middle of the season for Super GT and I've gotten a good number of the Race Queen teams featured on this blog.  But since I started doing this I've found new pages and new pictures have been added.  There are also the pro sites that I've started to add as well.  So I thought it would be a good time to look at some of those previously done RQ Teams and add some new content to those posts.  Also it's a good time to look at the remaining teams I still have to feature in the future.

There is a total of 39 Race Queen teams but a few of those are part of one car so that number gets reduced to 32 actual teams.  I'm not sure if I'll feature all the Race Queen teams individually or grouped to their respective car teams.  When I started this blog I only had this PAGE to use as a guide which honestly wasn't the best as it was just text and a link to the Race team if they had one and to the girl's blogs.  However I soon found QBlog which has been a great tool for my research but I would really really love it if they gave the girls' names in Romanji as well so that I don't have to turn to Google all the time and get their names wrong.  Thank goodness some of the Teams do include their Romanji names but not nearly enough do. 

Of course I've also found a few new pages since I've started doing this and since I'm all in favor of sharing my finds you owe it to yourself to visit these sites since some of them feature other Race Queens besides the Super GT ladies.  There is Keetan blog, Kurumaerabi, Car @nifty, Race Queen Seesaa blog, Power of Seven blog, That Dude's Blog (because I don't know what else to call it), The Ponpon blog, The Race Queen Photogallery and finally Motor & Cos rounds out the none professional sites.

On the professional paid sites side there is the best Race Queen site ever called RQ-star which not only has fantastic sets of pictures but tons of videos as well.  It's easy to find the photosets online but the videos are an entirely different story.  RQ-star has it's own YouTube channel but sadly it hasn't been updated since last year.  That's not the only site though there are two others that I'm aware of.  The better of the two is TopQueen which also has TopQueen EX which is a bit naughtier.  The third pay site that I know of is Race Queen Club which for some reason I'm not able to find a webpage for at the moment but when I do I'll update this.  The nice thing is that even as an American you can still join RQ-star and TopQueen sites if you so wanted to.

Of course what good are just pictures when there are videos to be found out there on YouTube.  I've found a few Teams that have their own channels and some very kind individuals that upload videos of the lovely ladies.  The most recent Race Queen channel I found was for Rire Racing which I'll be featuring soon.  But one of the first ones that I found was for the Race Queens of Triple A and the Dechua Girls which is always updating with more awesome videos.  Another couple newer channels I found that have longer videos of multiple teams at once is Gogo5963 and GGGVVV88.  The last YouTube channel that I have is YNB234 which has shorter videos of the Race Queens but each video is usually just one team at a time which is nice for my posts.

So now that we got all that out of the way lets see what we can do to update my previous RQ Team posts.  I'll be working on these through out the week until they all get updated and you'll find the updates after the links. 
RQ Team:  Good Smile Racing -- Everything!
RQ Team:  Zent Sweeties -- Added picture links, fixed a few names, added Qblog links
RQ Team:  WedsSport --Fixed a name, added Qblog links, updated photo links including pro links
RQ Team:  JLoc --Fixed a name and fixed picture links and added new pro-links
RQ Team:  RE Amemiya --
RQ Team:  Pacific Fairies -- Updated Picture links
RQ Team:  Keihin Blue Beauties -- Updated with new Pro site links and Picture links
RQ Team:  Mach Go --Updated with new Picture link
RQ Team:  ENEOS Girls --Updated with new Picture link
RQ Team:  R&D Sport Legacy B4 -- no updates

[UPDATE -- JULY 11, 2010] It looks like all the RQ-star sets have been taken down off the internet.  I don't know if my linking to them was an issue or not but I've removed all the links to them and replaced them with a link to the girl's RQ-star profile instead.  So far all the other picture sets are still up but I guess time will only tell. My bad

So with those taken car of lets check out a video while I have you here.

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