Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Viva La Evolution

It's not hard to find a handful of Mitsubishi Lancer Evo cars out at any autocross event.  Here in the Snake River Region SCCA alone we have close to 10 of them competing in various classes.  Currently they are almost completely dominate in their classes as well.  And hence that's become a problem on the national level.  Turns out the Evo is just to damn good and has become the defacto car to win with in the National BSP class.  Impressive for a four door sedan rocking a stock turbo charged Inline-4 engine that well prepared can easily achieve 400whp.

At first when I heard about the SCCA looking at moving the Evo out of BSP, where it's handily winning, to the more aggressive ASP class I figured it was just a bunch of whining old losers with their former class winning cars complaining about not being able to win anymore. They couldn't handle that a new car was coming out and stomping all over their egos.  So instead of trying to get better themselves they just sulked off and mumbled about those damn cheater cars.  I thought it was pretty lame that they would pick on a single car because it was winning and trying to shuffle it off to a higher class.  After some arguing with the roommate about it.  I was on the side of whiny old bitches just complaining vs his side of BSP needs to see more competition and attendance which the Evo is killing when it wins all the time.  I decided I'd go look up why the SCCA wanted to move the car in the first place and their reasons for it and I found this, from here

Move from BSP to ASP: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII and Evo IX (ed: what about the X?) .
Per the SPAC: The committee puts forth this proposal based on member feedback from other car re-classification proposals that were largely triggered by requests to reclassify cars currently deemed uncompetitive in BSP. As a result of those proposals, the membership has voiced a concern about reshuffling most of the SP category due to “the domination of the Evo in BSP”. The SPAC has taken this feedback seriously and would like to provide some of the thinking behind this latest proposal.
1) BSP numbers have been on the decline since the Evo was added to BSP.
2) Without the EVO in BSP, the class has a widely diverse set of cars that have proven to be popular cars in Stock classes and even in BSP prior to the Evo. All indicators would show that BSP without the Evo would be a very strong and diverse class.
3) Since boost restrictions were lifted and E85 is more prolific, the performance of the Evo has increased more so than any other car in BSP. Power output now is reported to be somewhere near the 400whp range.
4) AWD cars are already in ASP and course/weather dependencies haven’t shown a strong preference toward them.  That said, regardless of class the Evo will likely be near the top if it rains. Classing the Evo should not be done solely for concern with regards to weather.
5) While “spec” classes have proven to be successful (Miata in CSP for example), the numbers of Evos that have shown up at Nationals have been comparatively low.
6) An AWD-only SP class is not a viable option as the Evo would still be the top car, and numbers of cars at nationals indicates that this class would not survive.
OK so a fully prepared Evo that could easily win BSP could and maybe should be moved to ASP for more competition (and less whining from those other drivers) but what about the not fully prepared Evo?  They are doomed to be none competitive in ASP and while the roommate thinks that's just the way the game is played on the national level isn't that just a bit unfair too?  If you're not fully at the limits of the class in nationals you're SOL but isn't the whole part about moving the Evo to ASP supposedly to make it a fair game for everyone?  Looks like the whole thing is just a slippery slope that wont ever see everyone happy with where the Evo ends up.  From my stand point just because some fully prepped Evos are killing in BSP nationals it doesn't mean they should move the car up in class across the board.  Maybe a HP divide would be a good compromise.  I don't know but it'll be an interesting thing to follow for sure. 

Here's a video from this last weekends autocross of a non BSP Evo (none of the ones in BSP were running this time)

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