Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2010 Northwest Motorfest

I was getting ancy not taking any pictures of cars and my blog was turning into a Race Queen feature only blog so I was happy to hear about the Northwest Motorfest.  Billed as the largest car show in Idaho and with the numbers to back that up I grabbed my camera and headed down early in the day on Saturday to snap some pictures.  I went another year and I was not really that disappointed so I had high hopes for this year's car show as well.  Until I took a quick look around.

This year's featured cars were those nasty ass boring as hell Rat Rods that are scratching out a lil' nitch in the automotive car scene.  Honestly I could do without the rust.  Some of them looked nice but really the rest of it looked like trash that some gardener would have tossed out on their lawn as a rust relic time piece with the ol' cow skull and what not.  I'll be glad when that scene finds it's way into the history book.

Last year also saw a lot more Import and Euro flavor than what was out here this year.  However what was here was pretty nice.  A Toyota Crown...didn't know that was here.   Several wrong hand drive original Mini's and other old school English cars.  I did spy on my walk through early on a single Porsche 911 off in the distance and made a bee-line straight for it only to be disappointed in the cars fogged over head lights and to me pretty lame airbrush work.  Other than that it was a pretty nice 911.

Even the 4X4 rock crawling attendance looked smaller.  I didn't have the patience to stand around in the hot air waiting for the rock crawling event or the 100' drag racing event which I watched last year but Drag racing bores me and rock crawling is just two slow for me so I just kept on shooting pictures.  So while those groups looked smaller and the Rat Rods turning it up that only left the Muscle car and hot rods scene to drive the attendance up to a record number of cars and people.

The only problem with the Muscle Car and Hot Rods is that to me I keep seeing a lot of the same old same old at every car show and with nothing updated or changed.  Just how long has that Ford Mustang racer been missing that door hing bolt? But I'm still there to take pictures and that I did.  Of course one thing I really don't like about the set up of the car show is how they law out cars and how the people set up their temporary home right around their cars.  Makes for taking good pictures rather difficult because I don't think it's polite to tell the fat lady in the car to mover ass away from the car so I can get a clean shot of it.  Of course none of this I can fix and I just have to deal with it as a photographer and a simple member of the audience there to look at the cars.  Even though I liked the Porsche 911 it wasn't the show piece actually for me there isn't a show piece,  something that stands out so much that I have to write home about it right away.

Although I have to admit that I'm glad I went to this instead of the Import Summer Jam that was also going on later in the afternoon.  When I got home my feet were sore,  I was hot hot hot and damn thirsty but I think I got a pretty decent amount of pictures of the event but I just wish there were Euro and Imports there.  I miss the Import show.  You can check out my entire set of pictures here -- flickr

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