Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Racing Miku petit nendoroid ver 2

I reviewed the newly unveiled Racing Miku Porsche 911 GT3R but there is more.  Not only did Good Smile Racing unveil a new car but they also unveiled a new set of petit nendoroid trading figure set as well.  The first version only had the one Racing Miku figure and the older 911 GT3RSR while the new version comes with an addition two figures and the new car.  The new set was unveiled by the figures real life Race Queen counterparts at a press conference after the unveiling of the new car .

Once again though the new set is only available at one online retailer and only if you live in Japan or want to use a proxy buying outfit.  However unlike other sets if you just want the figures without all the sponsor bits you can finally go that route and for a little bit less at only 3500yen.  The sponsor set is 4500yen and includes a decal sheet a sponsor card and card holder.   At the moment you can get all sorts of cool swag from Good Smile Racing for however much you want to spend on a sponsorship.  I'd love to fork over $500 for a Good Smile Racing umbrella but yeah that's not going to happen.

You can find the set at it's original Japanese Online Retail site here -- Niconico Chokuhan  The pre-order window is already open and of course you'll have to wait until November to actually get them.  Here is the press release in Japanese from ASCII.

A little bit more about the set.  The set includes three figures and in addition to Racing Miku you also get Rin Kagamine and Luka Megurine all dressed in the Race Queen/mechanic outfits like the real Race Queens for Good Smile Racing.  Each one of the girls also gets their own pit item as well.  You also get the new Porsche 911 GT3R with new livery in a small pullback miniature form unlike the older Z4 models that could fit the figures in the car you can't do that with this one and I'm actually really thankful for that.  I thought that was a ugly part of the old Z4 car.

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