Saturday, July 31, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 5 Sportsland Sugo

It's been a week since the actual race and thanks to being a bit busy here and there I'm finally getting around to writing about it.  I was really looking forward to this round since it meant that my favorite team would be returning with their all new Porsche 911 GT3R.  I was also looking forward to more Race Queen pictures and videos.  While there were more pictures there hasn't been any new videos that I've been able to find.  But hey watching the race was fun too. The 5th round of the Super GT series took place at Sportsland Sugo one of the longest tracks and layout of the Super GT series.  The best thing about the race was the finish with some interesting results.

But before we get to that lets take a look at the rest of the race.  With it being the fifth round the extra success weights are playing a major factor in both classes which made it a race for the lighter cars.   While I would like to blog lots about the return of the Goodsmile Racing team and their new Porsche 911 GT3R they just didn't have a large presence in the race but they were able to get a respectable 12th place finish in it's class of course that still leaves them well back in the pack for points placing them in 19th place in the overall point standings.  Still it was nice to see them back racing again.

The rest of the GT300 race was dominated by the lighter cars with the Apple K-one Shiden starting from pole and finishing in first with the 350Z of Hasemi Sport and for it's first time on a podium the RT-01 EVA Racing team.  The race to the finish for the GT300 cars was fraught with bumps and spins some from other cars and some thanks to the slight drizzle that occurred late in the race. 

The best part of the race was the much more interesting GT500 race.  It started off with the pole winning Motul Autech GTR well out into the lead and looking to easily finish the race in first until the cutoff switch on the car's roof was hit by debris from another crash.  The Motul GT-R lost power and stopped right before the last turn with only 8 laps to go.  This left the then second place Weider Honda HSV-010 and third place Keihin Honda HSV-010 to fight for first place. And fight they did.  The GT500 finish was the closest recorded come from behind win with only 25thousandths of a second seperating the 1st place win by Keihin and the second place Weider followed several seconds later by the third place finisher ENEOS SC430.

With the closest finish finally in the books a look at the point totals makes it look like it's still anyone's game to win at the end of the year. With the top spot in GT300 only separated by a point per position for 1st through 3rd and only a handful of points separating the rest of the field down to 10th the remaining three pointed rounds will be nail biters.  The GT500 series isn't as close but it's still anyone's guess as to who will come out on top. The next round at the Suzuka Circuit for the 39th Pokka GT Summer Special will happen on the 22nd of August.

As always our friend on YouTube PM910 posted up a ten minute recap of the race for us to check out.

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