Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nastyville Car Show

So this last Saturday before heading out to another autocross event I found out about a small car show happening just down the street from out house.  It was supposed to start at about 8 am but by the time I checked it out at 10am there wasn't anything there but a handful of lowrider trucks which didn't interest me in the slightest so I didn't even bother getting out of the car.  I even stopped back on my way home from an errand to see if anything else showed up and other than more lame ass lowriders there wasn't anything there.

So why am I blogging about it then?  Well in the afternoon one of our friends called up the roommate to tell him he was there with a few other IMSers and that we should stop by.  Well what the hell I'll take the camera just in case and snap some pictures.

So yeah more lowriders than anything but our friend had his Mazdaspeed Protege there and he was able to win best Import Tunner (yes that's right I said Tunner) of course he was only competing against a couple slammed lowrider craptactualer Hondas so it wasn't much of a competition really but hey winning is winning after all. 

I still hate lowrider trucks and cars with hydraulics with a passion but it was fun to hang out with friends all the same.  Here is a link to the pictures that I did take.  Mostly the cool import cars but a few of the low riders in their little how low can you go game that seriously probably could have ended badly with the way the had things laid out.  Oh yeah here's the link -- Nastyville set

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