Thursday, July 29, 2010

NocternoX: July 24, 2010

Last weekend was the second of three NocternoX autocross events for 2010 and the first one that I staid at until the end.  Although I'll be honest I could have just gone home at the end of dusk because the videos and pictures after that just kind of sucked in my opinion I entirely gave up on pictures because no matter what I tried I just couldn't get anything to look good once the sun went down.  Also I got burned.  But it was still fun.

The reason for the NocternoX is because there was another Evolution Driving school happening during the day and it didn't end until 5pm.  I got there about 3pm and took some paddock shots of the cars showing up for the NocternoX and a few of the cars that were there for the Driver's school.  While waiting for the NocternoX event to start I was just floating around seeing what was going on.  Once the NocternoX got underway and I found my place to shot from I got down to taking pictures and video.

When it gets hot out attendence drops at autocross events even during the night events and while there was still more than 80 cars and drivers out it was a drop from earlier events.  Some thing I did discover much later that night when I got home and took a shower.  I burned my leg even though I was wearing jeans.  Apparently it was just that hot outside.  Also there wasn't anything new and cool out racing it was just the usual suspects this time around and while the roommate was really looking forward to taking the newly finished NA RX8 those dreams where crushed when the RX8 decided to blow a hole through the radiator.  Major suckage there for sure.

At the end of the day other than getting burned and having a hard time getting pictures and videos after the I got home and started in on editing the pictures from the event.  I ended up with about 150 pictures all said and done along with 155 videos as well.

You can find the entire set of pictures here -- flickr
Then you can also find the videos on my channel here -- YouTube

Check out one of the videos now though.  The returning Lotus Elise --

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