Saturday, July 17, 2010

Racing Miku 997 GT3R

We said good bye to the 996 GT3 RSR back in May and with only a week before the 5th round of the 2010 Super GT the new and improved Racing Miku Porsche 911 has finally been unveiled.  The new Racing Miku is a 2010 Porsche 997 GT3R,  the most current 911 race car to date.  In addition to the new car is a new Livery as well which was just unveiled for the first time this week. 

Good Smile Racing received the new 997 GT3R back at the end of May all nice and shiny in it's pure white form.  I've been following it's progress from there to it's final unveiling at and on GSR's various web sites since then.  During that time the 997 GT3R received a simple Porsche Motorsports livery during it's time testing and tuning. During that time there was a sweepstakes going on to design the new Racing Miku Livery.  There was some really cool looking designs.  I had also found a sneak peak of what the new Livery might look like but this week we finally found out what the new Livery looked like and the sneak peak was totally off. 

The new Livery looks even better this time around.  Racing Miku has a larger presence on the front of the car and they changed the color scheme up a little bit making it more linear and colorful.  While I haven't found any real high quality images of the new car so far I'm sure I'll find a few after the upcoming race this next weekend at Sportsland Sugo.  It'll be an even more interesting race for one of the drivers as that is also his home town so for him I'm sure it'll be an epic race.  I just can't wait to see it back in action next weekend.  You can find more pictures of the unveiling here -- ASCII

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