Saturday, July 10, 2010


So here it is another weekly RQ Team feature.  This week's feature Race Queen team is HANKOOK Lady.  They are of course the Race Queen team for the Hankook KTR team that is running a 911 GT3RSR in the GT300 class.  While I love my Good Smile Racing team they can't compare to how good the Hankook KTR team has been this year, currently it's in 13 place (1st out of  the Porsches) in the GT300 class.  Now I don't know how much the Race Queen's play into that fact (OK, I know they don't)  but they are definitely a nice site to see out there.

The HANKOOK Lady Race Queen team is a three member team comprised of Hiroko Yoshino (よしのひろこ), Yoshi Musume (荒木よし穂) and Yurie Asada (浅田ゆりえ).  The romanized names should be pretty close as I used RQ-star and their blog pages but if there's anything wronglet me know and I'll fix them.  You can almost always count on Hankook Race Queens to have some interesting outfits whether for Super GT or other racing leagues the Hankook Race Queens will always have something different but always in White with Orange and Silver accents.  This year they are sporting an interesting cut super mini skirt with a peek-a-boo long sleeved midriff shirt with exposed Orange bra part.  It's a pretty interesting looking outfit that's for sure. But I liked last year's outfit a whole heck of a lot more. 

It looks like Hiroko Yoshino has been busy with the professional photo shoots from last year and this year.
Hiroko Yoshino for RQ-star -- Race Queen (see what I mean), Nurse, Swimsuit and Private Dress
Hiroko Yoshino for Maid Queenz -- RQ1 and RQ2
Hiroko Yoshino for Top Queen Excite -- RQ1

As for the other two well we'll just have to wait and see if they pop up later but until how about enjoying all three of the ladies at work.  Don't forget to visit the main sites for updates through out the rest of the race season.

Motor & Cos blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
Race Queen Gallery -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Kurumaerabi -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4, RQ5 and RQ6
Ray's blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
That Dude's Blog -- RQ1 and RQ2
Ponpon's blog -- RQ1
Car @nifty -- RQ1, RQ2 and RQ3 
Scanlover -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
Keetan blog -- RQ1

And of course what's better than pictures but moving pictures.  You can find the HANKOOK Lady Race Queen team in these videos.  In this first ones the HANKOOK Lady team is at 4:25

In this video the HANKOOK Lady RQ Team is at 6:59

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