Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 6 Pokka GT Summer Special

This weekend the Super GT series went back to Suzuka for the 39th International Pokka GT Summer Special the longest race of the season at 700km.  And boy what a race it was.  The F1 style knockdown qualifier say my favorite team Good Smile Racing qualifying in 4th place.  I believe their highest qualifying position so far.  Just to bad they couldn't stay there.  Once again this was a race for the light weight cars and a pretty interesting finish for the GT300 group.

121 laps of the Suzuka Circuit makes for an interesting race with several pit stops and driver changes.  Even though the GSR Porsche started in 4th it quickly fell several places at the start of the race with it ending up finishing the race in 10th place and while that's a really respectable position for them. I found out that the car was having braking issues with the first driver and the cause of them falling so far in the beginning.  What was supposed to be a good race for the Porsche group with the Cinecitta Porsche claiming pole position it turned into a not so good race for the Porsche group even with a new addtion of the LMP Porsche.

The GSR Porsche was the top finishing Porsche followed by the new Porsche addition.  The Bomex Boxster finished last of the running cars and the Zent Porsche and Cinecitta Porsche both retired during the race.  The Zent Porsche had a bit of help in it's retirement thanks in part to the Cinecitta Porsche.  Really guys you shouldn't be taking each other out.  You guys owed that Apr Axio Corolla a good punting for the Hankook Porsche that wasn't there this race.

The big winners for this race were both first time this season podium finishers.  In the GT500 series it was another big win for the new Honda HSV-010 this time around it was the Arta HSV-010 who hasn't seen a podium since the last race of season last year at Motegi.  It wasn't an easy race for the Arta even after taking the pole position.  Like many of the cars during this race the Arta collected a marker and did some damage to the rear end of the car requiring some pit side alterations to the car.  However, thanks to spins and other collisions the Arta was able to work it's way back up to 1st where it finished the race.

The biggest jaw dropper was the GT300 finish which found the R&D Sport Legacy claiming the 1st place podium spot.  I know shocking for a car that up tell now just had a hard time finishing a race this season.  With this finish they were able to jump from 20th to 11th place in the points standing.  Thanks in large part to fast pit stops and others misfortune the Subaru was able to make it's way from it's 11th place starting position to take it's first ever podium finish. 

On an odd little note the last F1 race saw a car leave the pit and lose a wheel.  Well the Epson HSV-010 got to experience the same misfortune as well during it's last pit stop where it also lost one of it's wheels as well.  Thankfully the body work kept the tire from causing as much mayhem as the F1 wheel did.   You can find some pictures from the race on Car@nifty and once again the YouTuber PM910 uploaded a great 15 minute recap of the race.  If you're like me and want to know the point standings and read the winner's comments than check out the blog post from Thai Automax

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