Monday, August 30, 2010

GT300 Honda CR-Z?

If you follow internet car news sites at all you have probably seen something mentioned this week about some sneak peak pictures that GT Channel was able to snag of a Honda CR-Z going under the knife.  The CR-Z in the pictures is getting a widebody body kit, monster rear wing, mid-engine layout and Carbon Fiber bits and pieces.  What could all this mean?

Well that's the kicker everyone is repeating the same thing...Could this be a new GT300 car for next year's season of the Super GT series?  Or is it just a one off concept for next year's fast approaching Tokyo Auto Saloon?  Nobody at the moment knows.  The GT Channel article doesn't have any specifics nor does anyone else.  GT Channel says they'll keep on the look out for more information as the car is developed and you know I'll probably follow up on it if it does turn out to be a new Super GT GT300 car.

You can check out the rest of the pictures GT Channel snagged here -- GT300 Honda CR-Z

I'm going to make a seriously outrageous prediction and see if comes true.   With their aging GT300 Garaiya platform due for a replacement or at best an update.  Will Team ARTA (AUTOBACS Racing Team AGURI) replace their outdated GT300 effort next year with a new Honda supported CR-Z? It could only help Team ARTA if they did so.  I kinda hope Jon Sibal sees the car in the news somewhere and decides to put his impressive talent to use and create a digital mock up of what it might look like.

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