Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hakosuka Mistress

If you spend any time reading my blog you know that I'm a die hard Porsche 911 fan and love them to death.  However like many car guys I also have a car mistress something that could easily take my mind off a sweet looking 911 and it's only been for a couple years but the love affair has been growing.  That Mistress is the Nissan Skyline "Hakosuka" from the early '70s.  That's right I have a secret love affair for a muscle car from the country of the rising sun from the '70s.  Oddly enough the love affair started with a diecast model.

Yeah a diecast car in a dusty old box caught my eye at the local hobby store.  It was a Kyosho Racing Skyling GTR sadily the car was going for $60 and out of my price range but every time I went back to that hobby store it was still there and I had to check it out again.  Then they had a sale and it was gone as well as my interest for a while.  That is until I started surfing import tuner blogs more and rediscovered the Hakosuka again from pictures taken at Japanese car shows with the external oil coolers and piping with the flaired fenders and massive grippy tires.  The love affair was back and growing.

The Hakosuka is the nick name (Japanese for box [hako] skyline [suka]) for the first Nissan Skyline GT-R that started in 1969 and lasted until 1972 when it was replaced by the latest generation of the Skyline nicknamed the Kenmeri.  The GT-R started as a 4dr sedan called the PGC-10 and later when the 2dr coupe hit the scene KPGC-10.  I like the 4dr but that 2dr is just old school muscle car awesome. 

During it's production lifetime the Hakosuka had a very successful racing career racking up a combined race victory of 83 wins.  That's pretty damn impressive. Sadly I only started finding out more about these bad ass old Japanese Muscle cars a couple years ago and thought that I'd never get the chance to see one up close and personal considering they were never official imported and sold in the states and finding an imported model would be damn near impossible.

Fast forward to only a couple months ago while I was surfing some other import tuner blog.  I'm pretty sure it was JDMEGO though and I found out there was a pretty cool blog about a company importing and selling old school Japanese Muscle cars from that era.  Sure enough they had imported  a few of those older Nissan Skylines fixing them up and re-selling them.  The kicker is they are just down the freeway a couple hundred of miles away.

That's a lot closer than I thought I ever would be to a Hakosuka.  When I discovered the JDM Legends blog was for a company based out of Salt Lake City, UT, I was thrilled and even though I'm not going to be making a trip to Salt Lake City any time soon I keep checking out their blog weekly for updates because the blog is doing a write up about one of their restorations of the latest Hakosuka that they got in from Japan.  If I ever had the cash to pick up a Hakosuka JDMLegends would definitely be the place that I'd go.  They are definitely fueling my love affair for the Hakosuka.

Here's a pretty sweet video of one in Japan

Another pretty sweet video

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