Monday, August 9, 2010

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

To keep things interesting and in an interest of posting on this blog more than just Friday for the Race Queen Team and after race events I thought I'd post a blog about some other interesting things in the automotive world.  And I figured it might get a bit boring if I keep posting about cool Porsche stuff especially since I don't get to take pictures of them very often.  So today I thought I'd post up about another car that's been on my Radar for a while.  And thanks to autocross and the internet I've developed a fondness of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Evo) and the number of videos and pictures of the cars that I've taken can attest to that.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo is Mitsubishi's high-performance sedan that incorporates a 4-cylinder (2L) Turbocharged AWD system that pushes 400 hp stock.  There has been 10 generations of the Lancer Evo of which only the 8th generation and up have been officially sold in the States.  Soon the Tuner market got a hold of the cars and with the capabilities of the Tuner market you can easily find Lancer Evos pushing the 1200hp envelope. But I'm not really interested in the drag car scene of those 1200hp Lancer Evos  I'm more interested in the Time Attack and Autocross Lancer Evos that show their entire capabilities. 

Then I started seeing them more and more at the local autocross events and could see just how powerful these cars could go around the track.  So now I find myself often looking for the Lancer Evo at car shows and car events to see what's going on with the scene and there is definitely plenty going on even here in Boise, ID, even if the scene is smaller than many places there are several high horsepower cars prowling the streets.  I'm always looking forward to the autocross events to see if any of the Lancer Evos running in our region have added anything new and exciting.  Lately that hasn't been the case.  Still though they are tearing up the competition and often get branded with the nickname cheater car thanks to their all wheel drive system that many believe gives them an unfair advantage against other cars.

Actually this unfair advantage has caused a big stink in the regional SCCA program where it was lately discussed what to do with the overpopulation of winning Lancer Evos in the BSP class and other classes.  I don't know what ever became of that little bit of panty bunching but we'll probably find out later what they end up deciding.

Now lets get to my coverage of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo I've been shooting them on film and video for a little over 3 some years and I hope to keep doing it and maybe later get to expand my coverage a little outside the local scene.  You can find the pictures that I've taken on flickr it's mostly autocross stuff but I think there are some decent still shots as well.  I want to see my favorite local car back out running though as I love that dark gray with florescent orange rims.  I love that color combo and so far have only gotten to see it once for a short stint.   On the video side of things while there is a shit ton of Lancer Evo videos I also have a farely large collection of Lancer Evo videos from autocross events on youtube

As for that favorite Evo I did manage to grab one video of it before it's untimely retirement.

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