Friday, August 13, 2010

RQ Team: DUNLOP Race Queen

Oh hey look it's time for another RQ Team feature.  This week's feature is Race Queen Team Dunlop. One of the two RQ teams that are part of the GT500 Lexus Team Sard.  I'll take a look at the other team later.  Until then lets focus our attention on the two lovely ladies that make up the Dunlop Race Queen team.

The Dunlop Race Queen team is made up of the due of Yuna Kureha (暮羽優奈), and Misato Kashiwagi (柏木美里).  This team's outfit features yellow and black with a touch of white accent in a typical Short Shorts with tiny tight tanktop and jacket.  Add in the thigh high boots and you have a complete outfit.  It's also the second of the Race Queen Teams that sponsor one of the three tire companies that provide tires for the Super GT series.

Of course in the looking around for their pictures the only one to jump into the professional RQ modeling with sets for Top Queen and RQ-Star was Misato Kashiwagi.  She did her RQ-Star sets when she was with Keihin last year.  I also found some video clips of her as well as another odd Race Queen outfit from 2008. For her Top Queen set you can find those here -- Race Queen, Swimsuit and second Swimsuit.

Of course it's really all about the Race Queen outfits at the races and it's time to find some examples of the ladies in their Race Queen outfits doing what they do best.  Don't forget to check out the main sites after each race to find hopefully more pictures.
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That Dude's Blog -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3 and RQ4
Lapin Merchant's blog -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5
Car @nifty -- RQ1, RQ2, RQ3, RQ4 and RQ5

What's better than pictures is of course videos and I've found a few of the Dunlop Race Queen ladies.

One of them is at 1:40 and 6:50

She's at 3:55

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