Friday, August 20, 2010

RQ Team: Queen's TOKYO Girl

TGIF and hey it's time for another round of the RQ Team feature.  This week it's the Queen's TOKYO Girls the Race Queen Team that supports the TOMEI SPORTS/Kosei RUNNUP PORSCHE 911. It's that funky looking 911 that you hardly ever see in the races because it is usually way in the back of the races.  In fact at the moment that team is ranked dead last with only 2 points.  If it wasn't for their spicy little Race Queens the team would hardly even make a riple in series.

I'm kinda glad I waited until now to do this team as they did a little changing of things during the 5th round of the Super GT by adding a new girl and changing the outfits.  Something that a few other teams did as well.  At the beginning of the year there were two girls Misaki Maika (三咲舞花), and Reina (相沢れいな) and their cute little outfits were pretty different than the rest with the pink corset and black frilly mini skirt thing.  Toss in the dayglo pink neon fishnet stockings, white elbow gloves and those itty bitty top hots and you have one of the funkiest Race Queen outfits from the Super GT series.  It's kinda cute but the corset isn't tight (a serious fail in my opinion) and that frilly dress is just a touch weird looking I think.  When the 5th round of the Super GT season came around they added another girl Kei Maeda (前田慶) and they changed their outfits as well.  A little bit for the better I think.  The latest outfit is a purple miniskirt with bikini top and some lacey tub-top and sleeve thing which I don't know how to best describe it.  But it's a marked improvement over the old one.  I just wish they would have kept the fishnet stockings.   All three girls are doing gravure modeling stuff as well and you can find random non-Race Queen stuff all over the place. A couple of the ladies also do other second tier Race Queen works as well.  But we're not talking about that right now.  We're just focused on the Race Queen stuff.

I check to see if any of the three did the professional Race Queen stuff and Misaki Maika has been busy working with Top Queen with several different sets including a couple for Top Queen Excite and Maid Queenz. As far as I can find the other two girls haven't gotten into the mix just yet.  You can find all of Misaki Maika's pro stuff is here -- TQ1, TQ2, TQ3, TQ4, TQ5, TQEX1, TQEX2, MQ1, MQ2 and MQ3 

Now we just need to move on to the real Race Queen stuff.  As always remember to check out the main sites for updates after each of the remaining races. 
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What's better than Race Queen pictures but Race Queen videos:
The Queen's TOKYO Girls are at 8:13 So far this was the only video of the ladies that I could find.

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