Tuesday, August 17, 2010

SRRSCCA Drift School

This last weekend was the first official Drift event in Boise, ID.  The Snake River Region SCCA chapter held a Drift School at the Expo Center for beginner drifters and those who just wanted to go out and get sideways and kill their tires for a weekend.  Since this was the first official Drift event I wanted to check it out and took the photography and video gear with me as well to catch some of the action.

I headed out there with high hopes and great expectations for this first event.  Everyone has been clammering for an official Drift Event on the local car forums and it wasn't any surprise that the Drift School filled it's maximum driver slots and then some before the start of the event.  Of the cars at the event it was mostly Nissan 240SX, Mazda Miata, Ford Mustangs and old school Toyota Corollas with a couple BMWs tossed in for good measures. 

The course was laid out the doughnut box was set up and the cars were ready to go.  I was set up to take pictures and video and fun began.  Since it was a Drift School many of the drivers were out learning to drift for the first time so many of the runs were spin outs and some just looked like a really slow and wandering autocross run.  The few drivers that were a bit more experienced were doing some good drifting though and as the day went on many of the drivers started to improve on their drift skills.

I on the other hand was not really improving on my drift photography skills all that much.  I came away from the event understanding that drift photography takes a bit more experience and practice than regular autocross as does the video work as well.  I had a hell of a time following many of the cars in the beginning and was getting better but not good enough in my opinion.

I do have a gripe about the whole event and that's the part where it's not like an autocross event.  An Autocross event has run groups where one group runs and the other group works the course and then they trade off.  The Drift School did nothing like that and after shagging a couple cones myself  (hey don't make the fat man run damn it) I said screw it and after that it only took a while until the cones were just tossed all over the place willy nilly.   So cars pretty much were driving just all over the place however they wanted to.  I thought that was pretty dangerous but what do I know.

Over all did I have fun did I enjoy going out there was it worth it in the end to attend this and skip the last nocternoX of the season?  Well yes and no.  Watching the drifting was really just kinda meh due to the underwelming performance of the noobs but hey they did start to improve during the day but by then I was bored, tired and wanting to get out of the sun.  I did like going out there and giving it a shot with the pictures and video but honestly I probably wouldn't go out to another one unless it was a pro-drift event. 

In any case you can check out my lame attempt at drift photography on flickr and including the drift event I also did some trolling of the parking lot for cool cars but a lot of people parked the wrong way so some pictures aren't all that great considering what I had to work with.  -- flickr set

As for the videos I filmed about 21 videos and you can find them on at the usual place on YouTube.  It's all raw video footage not snazzy film editing or anything so don't expect much from the videos. 

Here's one of them for a taste.

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