Thursday, September 30, 2010

10 Days to Oktoberfast

It's October (or will be in a couple hours) and that means it's time for another big Porsche car show here in Boise, ID.  On 10/10/10 the Silver Sage PCA club will be holding their annual Oktoberfast Car show which used to be called the Annul Ernie Ludwig Memorial Car show in honor a former member of the Silver Sage club who passed on several years ago. 

As an obsessive lover of Porsches you know I'm going to attending and taking pictures like a mad man.  This would be my third year of going to this car show and it has only been growing every year with more and more interesting cars showing up every year.  Last year was a nice year with all the older Whale Tails in attendance. The best pictures I have are from last years event and you can check them out on flickr at the following set --> 2009 Oktoberfast Car Show

I just can't wait.  But one question, what the hell ever happened to the Italian Car and Bike show that also usually happened at around the same time?  I haven't heard anything about it for the past two years and I'm kind of disappointed.  I just wish that the local dealer would try harder to get something cool from the parent company as a show stopper oh say like the new hybrid GT3R race car or maybe even any of the new models just announced.  Maybe even just something cooler than just some base models.

UPDATE: Event coverage is here -- 2010 Oktoberfast

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