Thursday, September 9, 2010

2010 Super GT Rd 7 CANCELLED

Went to YouTube this morning to see if there were any new cool videos and low and behold there's a new video from the guy who uploads those wonderful Super GT recaps.  Wonder what this could be...FUCK! Even though I don't speak Japanese I understood there was something really really bad going on and a quick Google translate later and my excitement for this weeks upcoming Super GT race was canceled. 

That's when I decided to go check out Super and find out if the English site had an update or more information and sure enough here is the press release in all it's sadness...

We regret to inform you that the official decision has been made to cancel the 7th Round of the 2010 SUPER GT series scheduled to be held at Fuji Speedway on September 11 and 12 due to the serious damage in the locality of the Town of Oyama caused by Typhoon No. 9.

The effects of the typhoon included mudslides and other damage within the grounds of Fuji Speedway, and although reconstruction work is under way, there has also been severe damage to roads in the vicinity of the Speedway. It has become evident that attempting to hold the race as scheduled under such conditions would not only be an imposition on the spectators attempting to come to the race but could also seriously hinder the work of the local authorities and citizens to recover quickly from the typhoon damage. For this reason there has also been a request from the Oyama Town authorities to cancel the race.

Regarding refunds for customers who have already purchased tickets to the race, an announcement will be made separately in the near future. Therefore, we ask that all customers be sure to hold on to their tickets for the time being.

Sept. 9, 2010
Fuji International Speedway Co., Ltd.
GTA Co., Ltd.

So it looks like the series is going to be one race short this year.  Now the next race points are going to be super critical for some.  And it wasn't to long ago that Toyota was having a Media day out there as well.  Here's to wishing Fuji Speedway and the surrounding area a speedy recovery and can be rebuilt before to long.  I'd show you the video that was uploaded about the carnage but he has embedding disabled for this video (hope that's not going to be the case for the rest of them) So you'll just have to check it out here.

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