Saturday, September 25, 2010

FOR SALE: RWB Stella Artois

This couldn't wait for another day. I was just cruising through RWB's blog looking for new pictures (found a few) and then I saw a post that made my jaw drop. It was a post that said the famous Rauh-Welt 930/964 Porsche nicknamed Stella Artois was for sale. I don't know if I want that news to be fake or real. All I know is that's it's another reason to post more RWB goodness.

You can find the actual blog post HERE (any one care to translate it? And not Google Translate either) and while it doesn't say much that's pretty par for course on their blog. Oddly enough though in the picture the car is rocking a different set of rims.  Also I found out they had another RWB meeting the 24th of September so I hope there is another posting of pictures soon.  I jacked this wallpaper from Speedhunters who have been good about posting RWB content over the years and has a pretty insightful post on just the Stella Artois car.

Now all I have to do is win the lottery or get several thousand people do donate like $10 so that I can go buy that beauty bring it to the States and rip it the hell around Miller Motorsports Park or at least take it to Autocross as the baddest Motherf***r around.  Or something like that.  But I'd want to put the back bumper back on it and ditch that odd exhaust system on it for a more traditional setup.  I'd also have to talk them into letting me buy the right set of rims too. You can tell in the videos that the Stella Artois has gone through a lot of changes through out it's short life time.

[UPDATE] -- February 11, 2011, I've seen the car in pictures that have recently surfaced on a forum and Nakai-san still has Stella and is still using it as his track car.  But you should see what he's using now as his demo car.  SWEETNESS.  There will be an update soon.

More RWB video goodness

Before it got the odd tri-tailpipe exhaust


  1. That second video is of a different car. He has two rat Porsches but one is quite a bit newer than the other.

    1. LOL... true enough, it's the Natty Dread car. But holy hell this is an OLD post.


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