Thursday, September 16, 2010

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Hey look at that Porsche introduced a new 911 Carrera model the other day badged as a Carrera GTS.  The official release of the new Carrera model will be at the Paris Auto show in October but for those with the $$$ I'm sure you could probably start ordering one now for it's December release.  In any case this new Carrera model will slot in at the top of the food chain for the Carreras and just under the GT model range.  Basically in a nut shell the Carrera GTS is the poor mans Sport Classic

No really think about it.  It really is a far less expensive (-$110K) Sport Classic without the awful rims and ducktail which for many is a love it or hate it item.  And you can pick your own color.  For that the Carrera GTS is a winner. 

The Carrera GTS takes a C4 widebody shell adds a newly designed 3.8L engine that delivers 402hp to the 19inch centerlock RS Spyder wheels by way of the C2's RWD only system.  This allows the GTS to reach 60mph in 4.2 seconds on it's way to it's new top speed of 190mph. The GTS also adds a newly designed front bumper with black lip and side skirts.  All this and some new GTS graphics for a sum of $137k.  The Carrera GTS will be available with either a 6speed or Porsche's awesome PDK system.  How could you not want of these bad boys. 

You can find a new Carrera GTS web special on their web site but you can't configure one just yet.  It looks like I'll need to be updating my little Porsche 911 model lineup gif some time soon.You can also check out the official Porsche Press Release here -- Carrera GTS PR  it includes some extra images so it's well worth the look.

In the mean time you can also check out the Porsche video for the Carrera GTS by way of WCF.

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