Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Porsche 911 Speedster

Yes the Speedster is back. I remember having a picture of a Mexico Blue 911 speedster on one of my High School binders for the longest time. I didn't like any of the other cabriolet designs with that big rear end sticking out there and I still don't like any of the cabriolet designs so no that the Speedster is back I'm excited again for a drop top 911. Those humps need to be bigger though.  It's just to bad this will be another over priced "Rare" Porsche model.

The 911 Speedster is going to be a limited production model to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Porsche Exclusive and a homage to the first Speedster the 356 Speedster with only 356 examples available in either Carrera White or a new Pure Blue color available only for the Speedster.

Porsche didn't just take a 911 Carrera Cabriolet rip out the rear seats and stick a double bubble hard cover over the soft top to make the Speedster.  A lot of work into developing the new Speedster.  Borrowing heavily from the new Carrera GTS with the same engine, driveline and wide track.  After that Porsche Exclusive steps up to the plate and adds all sorts of new details.  Back again are the  godawful updated Fuchs rims (easy enough to get rid of though) a lower stance as well as a lower and more raked windscreen.  You'll also find some new details like the black headlight trim covers and those old school black rock guards on the front of the rear quarter panels.

Again like the Carrera GTS this is a RWD only model that is mated to the seven speed PDK shifter with a all manner of tacked on goodies like the ceramic composite brakes and Porsche's Active Suspension Management.  In addition to all that the interior gets all spiffy with color matched accents on the seats and moldings.  You can actually check out all the important goodies and more images on Porsche's official Press Release.  The official unveiling of the Speedster will be at the Paris Autoshow alongside the the Carrera GTS.  Good lucking getting a hold of one of the 356 Speedsters because odds are there will be plenty of people already forking over the $270,037 (yeah that's more than the Sport Classic) needed to purchase one.  Maybe we'll get a poor man's Speedster after a while too.  Actually if it's like the Sport Classic you'll probably be able to pick one up used for $225,000 or so in a few months time.  All I know is that I wouldn't mind a diecast model of one assuming of course the model's price isn't horrendously marked up as well.  

In any case you can check out the video that was released for the Speedster.

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